San Jóse

City Of Production
Center Of Austrar
Official language(s) English
Demonym Arranian
- Mayor of the City of Arran Current President
- Local Representative of the National Assembly of Austrar Local Representative for South Arran(currently vacant)
Established 2013
Population 12

Arran is the permanent capital of Austrar Islands since its establishment in 2013.

Geography Edit

Arran is located in the center of Austrars location in Aberdeenshire, the city is very steep and has the best weather in Austrar Islands at the summer time.

Awards Edit

Arran was named Cleanest City in Austrar 2013 by the Austraran Health Agency and has been elected for the 2014 award as well. The local football team participates In the Austrar Premier League and is called Football Club Arran, which was established in 2014 and has won 2 Austrar Cups & 1 Austrar Premier League.

Microlympics Bid Edit

A bid has been put in for Arran in 2015 to host the 2015 Summer Microlympic Games next year.