Socialist State of Arstotzka

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"To each according to their ability, to each according to their need."
Glory to Arstotzka
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North America
Capital city Iceor
Largest city Iceor
Official language(s) French
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Arstotzkan
Government Socialist State
- Vice-President Cayden Lefebvre
- President Aryx Doder
- General of the Army Serge Hover
Established December 1st 2013
Area claimed 7km²
Population 8233 residents, 103 passport holders
Currency Arstotzkan Dollar
National sport Kickball
National animal Falcon / Alpaca

Arstotzka, officially the Socialist State of Arstotzka was a micronation that was founded on December 1st 2013 in North America. Socialism was not yet implemented until November 18th 2014 just weeks before National Arstotzkan Day.


Secular Era

On December 1st 2013 Aryx Doder created the Secular State of Locvic as a place were non-religious people could live without religion interfering in their life. It did not allow any religious people to become a citizen. When Nick Samuels took position as president in January 2014, Doder realised mistakes within the governmental system. He did not like how religious people were not allowed to become citizens. He then tried to correct his mistake, leading to the Collapse of Locvic.

Democratic Era

After the collapse of Locvic, Aryx Doder founded the Democracy of Alpacastan. The Democracy lasted until fall of 2014, when the governmental system started to become confusing between a Direct Democracy and a Socialist State. The Fascist party saw this as an opportunity and virtually took over the government.

Fascist Era

The Fascist Era was short lived. As soon as June Miller (the leader of the Fascist Party) took over, clashes between Socialists, Democratic Peoples, and Fascists began. About five days after his takeover he was shunned and the Socialist Aryx Doder was put into office.

Modern Era

After Aryx Doder was put back into office, he morphed the state into a full socialist state, with him and three others as the leaders. He abolished elections and put harsh punishments on all offences. His goal was to "Stop the government system from failing again".

Almost a week after the socialist government was implemented and the Four Corner Peace Treaty was signed, Arstotzka left the FCPT union which angered the Kingdom of Top's Queen.


Arstotzka fell in November 2014 and became a province of the United Provinces of Alpacastan.

Government & Politics

Arstotzka was a socialist state. The President, Vice-President, General of the Army, and Secretary make all governmental decisions. Many laws are based off american laws. The most common penalties for a broken law was exile, temporary exile, and shunning.

The leading party in Arstotzka was the Socialist / Communist Party, followed closely by the Fascist Party, then the Liberal Party. Arstotzka's original plan was to only allow the Socialist Party to be an official party along with banning all Fascist ideas. However, Aryx Doder felt they needed to change eventually, and revealed the current socialist government system was not going to be permanent.

Foreign Relations

Arstotzka was a member of the Four Corner Peace Treaty, a treaty which attempted to promote peace between the local previously hostile states: the Kingdom of Top and the Republic of Llamastan. The treaty stated that all nations shall protect one another if another was attacked, and the nations should live in peace together. Every nation was required to send one diplomat to each fellow nation in the treaty every month.

Hardly a week after the Four Corner Peace Treaty was founded, Arstotzka left the union which virtually gave the union no purpose. This lead to the union being disbanded.


The Arstotzkan military was made up of 40 soldiers, over a dozen civilian drones, and two quad bikes. It forces civilians and their belongings to join the military if more military personnel or equipment was needed. The Arstotzkan army also had to protect the Grestin Border Checkpoint in East Grestin.