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This page is to show the symbols of the Republic of Asonia

The FlagEdit

The Asonian National flag of Asonia contains three bars of colour stacked upon each other with blue on top, gold in the middle and green below. The flag depicts three of the president's favorite colours. It is also the flag of Gabon , but flipped upside down.

The blue part of the flag represents water, or more specifically; lakes. lakes are a big part of Asonian culture because water sports , such as wake boarding, are becoming very popular in Asonia .

The gold represents the gold rush which created its original state (colourado ) it also loosley represents the yellowish colour of the plains that make up most of the Asonian states

The green represents Nature, which is a large part of Asonian Culture.

Coat of ArmsEdit

The Asonian Coat of Arms depicts
Asonia coat of arms 1

The coat of arms

a shield with the colours of the flag running across it and a black deer (or elk ) is rearing up in the center. On top of the shield sits a silver helmet. The whole thing is then surrounded by red leaves.

The Black deer (or elk) represents power, peace, and acception. The colours surrounding it are simply the colours of the flag. The helmet represents military power and shows that Asonia is not afraid to defend itself. The red leaves represent freedom and prosperity.

Other SymbolsEdit

National AnimalEdit


a Grey wolf

The wolf is the national animal of Asonia , it represents trust, power, strength, and respect.

National BirdEdit

Ringed necked pheasant pair

Two pheasants, a male and female

The National bird of Asonia is Pheasant , it is one of the most hunted animals in the country, but also one of the most respected. The pheasant also apears on the flag of Ilif .

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