The Asquibledee Civil War began after Kurt Ferrero suggested a rethink of laws and claims to consul Cody Simons. Cody was digusted, he replied "Asquibledee shall not give up its claims, no worthy judge would want to give up claims therefore you are not worthy to be a judge. Also, our laws where voted on, we shall keep them". Kurt then expressed his problems with large claims since his discovered micronations only claim small land, and the death penalty should be abolished until recognition since if Asquibledee performs an executions, the US/Missouri Police would think it is murder. After a long argument, Asquibledee was divided into two factions, the nationalists and liberals. Liberal Asquibledee consists of Shelby County, Missouri and Nationalist Asquibledee consists of all other Asquibledeean claims. Although Liberal Asquibledee is outnumbered, it can still win the war and restore peace and prosperity to Asquibledee.