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Athela's second flag.

Athelan Flag-0

Athela's official flag.

Athela was founded on the 27th of July, 2015. It is a country that holds a small bedroom as its land. It is an ambitious nation that strives to achieve greater amounts of land, enough to give residence to a good sized population. It also wishes to use renewable energies and have its' citizens live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Having trouble naming the nation, the founder used a website called 'Fantasy Name' to come up with a country name. Using one of the generators, she came across the name 'Ethela'. She liked the name but to make it different she decided to change the first letter. She changed the 'e' to an 'a' and it sounded nice so she used 'Athela' as the name of the nation.


Originally, Athela was created out of boredom. After thinking about the possibilities running a nation could bring, she decided to become serious about it. The Grand Duchy of Athela was then officially founded on the 27th of July, 2015.

On the 29th of August, 2015, Athela changed from a Grand Duchy to an Anarchy. This was because of the small population and because the ex-Grand Duchess believes an anarchist nation might be better as crime will be based on morals and justice with lie with the people.

Athela changed from anarchist to an experimental government on the 3rd of October, 2015 which is still under development.


Athela's government is an experimental government which is still developing.


Athela consists of one bedroom. The bedroom is located in NSW, Australia. The bedroom will eventually change from yellow and purple to beige and green, decorated with many plants.

Geography and Climate

Athela's terrain is flat and is made of carpet. It has one double bed on an ensemble base, a bird cage, white desk with a fish tank on top, a built in desk and built in wardrobe.


Athela's environment is very basic. It has an assortment of succulents, a peace lily, strawberry seeds (still growing), a bonsai Japanese maple, baby tears, mondo grass and an aquatic plant for its flora. Fauna consists of lorikeets, bristlenose catfish, corydora catfish, guppies and apple snails. There are currently no identified fungi in Athela. Occasionally ants and cockroaches are spotted but it is unknown whether they are residents or visitors.


Athela is a poor country with less than $100 AUS cash. Its currency is the Australia dollar.


Athela currently only has a population of one, which is the Founder.


The only official language of Athela is English.


Athela currently has no official religion and will never have an official religion.


Athela has no room for educational facilities so education doesn't exist in Athela.


Athela has no health facilities so it isn't a healthy country.


Athelans enjoy Japanese anime, food, music, animal keeping and biological sciences. They are creative and come up with many ideas for personal reasons and national reasons. Athelans are lazy and enjoy sleeping, sitting and bathing. They are happiest when in a relaxed environment.

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