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Autonomous Region of Athenia
Razesbaskzak Ri'wàr seĵ Aþintàr


Autonomous Region
Founded September 28, 2014
Population ~8
Governor "Delta" (L)

Athenia, officially the Autonomous Region of Athenia and formerly known as the UniFederative Athenic Empire, is an Autonomous Region of the Huro-Atlantic Republic.


The Empire was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2011 by Delta and Sigma (Actual names are censored), in response to a dispute with the Government of the United States over the groups opposition of mandatory schooling. The group claimed their houses as part of Athenia. On the 28th of September 2014, Athenia agreed to merge with the Huro-Atlantic Republic as an Autonomous Region.

Government & Politics

Law & Order

Foreign Relations

Athenia is, as of September 28, 2014, considered to be under the administration of the Huro-Atlantic Republic.



The Official Language of Athenia is Rakwiktrab. However, Any language or dialect spoken by an Athenic resident is an accepted language of Athenia.


The Athenic Media exercises full freedom of expression, as per the Laws of the Huro-Atlantic Republic.

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