The Athenian Federation (Athenian: Cдя Ceнйeнcкий Pëyвйк (CCP) ) is a micronation located in North America. The Athenian Federation is the successor to the now defunct UNSSR (Union of New Soviet Socialist Republics), The Athenian Federation is larger than the UNSSR was. The Athenian Federation is doing better diplomatically than the UNSSR did.

The Athenian Federation

(Athenian: Cдя Ceнйeнcкий Pëyвйк )


Coat of Arms-2



Have a nice day



North America _________________________________



Map of athenia


Capital city Athenia
Official language(s) Athenian , Italian, English (American)


Official Religion



Government Republican, Capitalist

- Prime Minister

Jenna Lowry

Established February 15, 2014


National animal

Puggle (Breed of Dog)


After the the UNSSR was dissolved the government of the UNSSR fell apart. The land that they had claimed was back in US (United States) control. The UNSSR did not claim much land. Only 180 acres. The President of the UNSSR established a new government with new people in the Parliament. Then they claimed new land, and The Athenian Federation was established. The President of the UNSSR became Prime Minister of The Athenian Federation.

Athenian (Language)

Athenian is one of three official languages of The Athenian Federation: Athenian (Language) Wiki


The Athenian Federation has a normal US landscape and terrain. There is a map of The Athenian Federation in the side bar.


The Athenian Federation doesn't play any sports.


The main city in the Federation is the Capital, Athenia, the country is actual named after the capital city.


The main Athenian Research is their space program mentioned;

ASA (the Athenian Space Agency)

The Athenian Space Agency or ASA is the space agency of the Athenian Federation, it was established in march 2014 and has proposed plans to launch a satellite into LEO (low earth orbit).


In the Athenian Federation ethnic groups are diverse, 3 people are Czech, 2, including Prime Minister Aaron Lowry are German, and 2 are unsure.

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