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In Unironia Atlectics is a main part of culture having many sports and events


Kickball games are played all year round usually between Crizopolis, and Polkburg

Football (Soccer)

Several Football games are played throughout the year including the Birthday Bowl which is played in Crizopolis. Birthday Bowl 2014 Logo
2014 Birthday Bowl Logo

The Ordeal

The Ordeal is a game unique to Unironia it is played in a pool and uses a ball that is thrown into the pool the object of the game is to be the one who grabs the ball and rises it over their head. To get the ball anything goes.

Unironic Athletic Teams

  • Crizopolis Athletic Association
  • Polkburg Athletic Association

Unironic Microlympic Team

The Unironic Microlympic Team was going to be participating in the 2014 Games in Dragostin until the games were cancelled.


Unironia will host Formula Virtual`s V-Prix in 2015