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Aurora flag

The flag of Aurora

Aurora was the second state to establish statehood on June 10, 2011. The state represenative of Aurora is councilmen Justin.


Aurora is by far the largest state in the country, sitting on apx. 33 acres.
Aurora map

a map of aurora, yellow lines represent roads, green lines represent district borders, and red lines represent borders with the US

it has an elevation of 5,860 ft. Aurora is all grassland and prarie, making it one of the warmer states. There is only one city in Aurora, Oaksburg. Oaksburg is the largest city in Asonia with a population of 8 and taking up an area of 13 acres. Oaksburg resides in district 1.There is a road forming a circle around most of Oaksburg, this road is unamed and paved with loose asphalt. Directly behind Oaksburg is District 2. This is where the longest road in Asonia. For now the road will remain unamed, and un-paved. this road serves little purpose since it is a big loop. The main purpose of this road is for ATV's or four-wheelers to ride on. There is also no speed limit on this road, but the highest speed ever reached on it is 34 MPH. in District 3 there is what apears to be a scar on the ground, this is the gully. District 3 has been turned into a national park. there are no buildings in the park and only one road leading to the firing range.


Aurora is a fairly dry state, getting small amounts of rain in the spring and summer months but it is made up for with the winter's snow. Aurora is also the windiest of all the states. Aurora is all prarie, making it one of the flattest states.


Citizens of aurora enjoy many actvities that are fairly controversial. This however doesn't stop Aurora from partaking in them.

By far the most popular sport in Aurora, and Asonia is Hunting
Aurorian goose hunting

Two Aurorian citizens after a successful day of hunting

. The most popular game for Aurorians goose, geese have always been the game of choice for many Asonians, even before Asonia was a country. Other popular game in Aurora include: duck, coyote, and deer. A close second to hunting is marksmanship, or target shooting. Canyon national park is
Auroraian clay pigeons

A citizen of Oaksburg takes aim at a clat pigeon

the most popular place in the country to target shoot because the firing range is here.

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