The Austenasian Monarchical Referendum was a vote held on 16 May 2010 by all Subjects of the Empire of Austenasia to show the public's opinion on who they wished to be the Monarch. HIM Emperor Esmond III won the referendum with double the amount of votes recieved by HIH Princess Caroline.


On 3 March 2010, Princess Caroline announced that she was making a formal claim to the Throne against the reigning Monarch, Esmond III. The Vestry Conference was arranged on 7 March to arrange a compromise, but talks broke down when Princess Caroline refused to accept any compromises and declared her intention to not only claim the Throne, but to try and remove Esmond III from said Throne. This ended with the Austenasian Civil War of Princess Caroline and Lord General William against Emperor Esmond III and Crown Prince Jonathan.

Both sides recieved large amounts of military and political support from various other nations. On 10 March, GUM-arranged peace talks were held, and Robert Lethler suggested a referendum to decide the Monarch. This idea was supported by both sides, and after it was clear that the war would not be won through force, it was implemented by the Treaty of Carshalton. The Referendum was held on 16 May 2010 by all Subjects of the Empire.


Outcome 1: Esmond III to remain as Monarch of Austenasia
4/8 votes (50%)

Outcome 2: Princess Caroline to ascend to the Throne. A Regent would, however, have to be appointed until her 13th birthday in 2011
2/8 votes (25%)

2/8 votes (25%)


According to the Treaty of Carshalton (that organised the Referendum), should Outcome 1 be reached then Princess Caroline would withdraw her immediate claim to the Throne and William Kingsnorth would surrender. This happened on 24 May 2010 with the signing of the Treaty of Ruskin Road (2010). The civil war was therefore won by the legitimate government.