Austenasian Television Productions
Founded 27th December 2008
Headquarters Wrythe, Austenasia
Director-General Crown Prince Jonathan
Official website

Austenasian Television Productions, better known as the ATP is the public service broadcaster of the Empire of Austenasia. It publishes the films that it makes on its webpage on the Austenasian website. The ATP also has a YouTube channel on which all its films are published, although this officially belongs to the Austenasian Government.


Crown Prince Jonathan had made home movies long before the Empire was founded, sometimes opening the film with the words "Jonathan Austen Pictures present..." He would film family holidays, and made movies with his sister and cousin (now Princess Caroline and Lord Timothy) about a Barbie doll being attacked by an Alien Cosmolite - these films were known as Cool Barbie I, II and III. After he founded the Empire of Austenasia, it was only a matter of time before he decided to create an Austenasian equivalent to the BBC with which he could publish his films. This was done by Act 38 of the Austenasian Parliament in December 2008.


Austenasian Events

These films are of notable events to have happened in the Empire.

The Great Snow of 2009

The most snow that had fallen since the Big Freeze of 1991, on February 1st-2nd 2009 up to a foot of snow fell all over Austenasia and England. Transport systems and schools were closed and the Austenasian Imperial Family was snowed in.

The Arrival of Edd 1/03/2009

The Imperial Family's new bullmastiff puppy, Edd (or to give him his pedigree name, Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd), arrived in Austenasia on the 1st of March 2009. This video shows him arriving and meeting Rose, the Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff.

South of Bletchingley 4/5/09 IGS Expedition

On 4th May 2009, the Imperial Geographical Society launched it's first ever expedition. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan led the collection of Austenasian imperials, nobility and knights around farmland and woods south of a village called Bletchingley. By an extraordinary coincidence, a British church ramble was taking place at the exact same time following the exact same route, so the Expedition wasn't alone.

Coronation of HIM Emperor Terry I

On 20th May 2009, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan - the Founder of Austenasia - crowned HIM Emperor Terry I the ruler of the Empire of Austenasia. Holding the Imperial Sceptre, he swore an oath to rule wisely and enforce and abide by the laws of Austenasia, before being crowned with the Crown.

Cool Barbie

Cool Barbie was a series of three movies made by Crown Prince Jonathan. His cousin, Lord Timothy, helped with the first two and his sister, Princess Caroline, helped with the first and third. After the ATP was founded, it was decided to refilm the movies, and to make sequels.


  • The original films did not have names (eg "Fallen from the Sky"), only numbers.
  • The original first two Cool Barbies were more comedy than sci-fi: in the first, the Narrator says that he had been "eating pie" during a scene's voiceover, and a newsreader goes insane after forgetting to take his pills (although that scene was later cut and is now lost). In the second one, Bubbles temporarily turns into a can of baked beans with no explanation whatsoever, and while Bubbles's escape pod is floating down to Earth the camera deliberately zooms out to reveal Lord Timothy whistling creepy sci-fi music while holding the escape pod on a string.
  • Archive footage from the original of Cool Barbie I is in the refilmed version - the few seconds of footage recieved from the soldiers fighting the spaceship was in the original, as part of a much longer battle (fought with a dismounted telescope, a torch and sound effects from a toy tank)
  • The toy alien used to play Bubbles the Uranian was used for the same purpose in the original Cool Barbie III, as the alien used to play him in the original first two had been lost.
  • In the original Cool Barbie II, Captain Scarlet turns into a giant snake, not a spider, and he doesn't die onscreen - however, Sergeant Grey says in the original Cool Barbie III that he died of "cellular disruption", presumably meaning that he died between numbers II and III because of changing into the snake.
  • In the original three movies, the final scene would always be of the main characters singing "We Are Family," a tradition that has been lost with the new films.
  • The original Cool Barbie I did not start with the spaceship crashing in a storm - Bubbles suddenly appears next to an abandoned tank, which he then makes fly without an explanation.
  • None of the original three films explained why some roles were filled by toys and others by humans - the refilmed series is working to achieve better continuity.

Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky

Set in October 2004. In a world where toys are alive and have communities ruled over by humans, an alien crash-lands in a garden. Will Cool Barbie escape the evil Bubbles? Will the forces of NATO defeat his alien technology?

Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion

Set in July 2005. Nearly a year has passed since the spaceship of Bubbles the Uranian crash-landed on Earth and was destroyed. But Bubbles escaped the outer-space explosion, and now he's back, looking for revenge...

Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed

Set in August 2008. Bubbles the Uranian breaks free from the Freezer Prison! As Spectrum's agent is defeated, who can save Cool Barbie from Bubbles and his new, deadly ally?

Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising

Set in June 2009

  • Part 1:

For a long time, Cool Barbie and Spectrum have been focused on the threat of Bubbles, Champion of Uranus. But a conspiracy has been brewing right under their noses, and now Colin and his supporters make their move as they activate the Plan...

  • Part 2:

The King is dead, and the military attack the populace. As one by one each defence falls, can anyone stop the rise of Colin's Empire?

Cool Barbie V - Stepping towards the Sky

Production postponed due to Austenasian Civil War 2/6 scenes completed

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