Austrar Islands/Bvbstbs Islká

To Nation, To the Pride
Capital city Arran
Largest city Alfórska
Official language(s) English & Austraran
Official religion(s) Secular
Government Absolute Monarchy
- President President Gilmór
- Council Master Cameron Falconer Duke I of Fireen
- Regent Nathan Raddi
Legislature Royal Council
- Number of seats - 9
Established December 2013
Population 23
Currency Smithvillian Lira
National drink Jáark Viek Brew
National animal Deer


The Austrar Islands is a micronation founded in 2013, by a group of 12 people. The Austrars territory has been divided recently due to many Austrarans claiming independence.


IMG 1624-1-

Austrar farming in Arran

The Austrar Islands first started off as a US military base in the Cold War. A few years later the island became owned by Austrar, which subsequently led to a lack of recognition for power in the area.

The territory of Austrar in recent time has decreased due to a number of civil conflicts which have resulted in the formation of the AR Vanobrasia, Republic of Arran, DDR Alforr and the attempted claim for sovereignty by Kaig. The situation in Austrar is tense as the DDR Alforr attempts to take the land that it claims but the Austrar Islands continue and intend to continue to fight for their land.

In 2013 the Austrar Islands participated in Microvision and are continuing this into 2014 with a re-entry into the international competition. In 2013 British Singer Emeli Sande visited the Austrar Islands officially, and she is now one of the most sought after entries to the Austrar 2014 Microvision bid.




The terrain of Austrar follows the typical Scottish terrain of slightly mountainous downlands which are laced with villages and towns like of that the capital Arran. The many divided territories of Austrar now make it difficult to track the exact geography of this country, however it is known that it is close to the highlands which results in a more mountainous landscape than the lowlands to the south.

Austrar previously claimed land in North America that was a small island chain to the west of Alaska, however that is now defunct leaving the sovereign territory purely on the island of Great Britain.

Austraran landscape is rather mountainous near the capital region but with other regions such as the St Loebasi region have a flat terrain yet is hard to tell. Austraran Kingdom Of China's terrain is completely different as its is extremely mountainous and has no villages or streams.


Military is supplied by Grampian Police and such the Austrar Islands remain under the protection of the Scottish forces despite claiming sovereignty over the land much like the situation in Iceland and many other macronations around the world. The Austrar Islands do not actively engage in warfare and thus use of a military for external purposes would be simply un-needed yet has been involved in the Alakazanian War where 5 Austrarans helped Alakazanians fight of the Oscatians. Another example is the Arran Civil conflict, when Republic Of Arran declared unofficial self independence and thus civil conflict broke out. Austrar still tries to hide the wars as they try to paint the image of a friendly nation so they can retain allies.

Local events

Some of the local events in Austrar

Austrar Marathon

  • Austrar marathon is were some locals of Austrar & Scotland go on a run across the border and all austrars regions, beginning in San Marenzo square & ending at Arran. This event happens every year, march 5th 2014.

National Pride Day

National pride day takes place on April 29 usually in the capital, Arran. The National pride day is also treated like a holiday as schools & Jobs (In Austrar) get a day off to celebrate. The Pride Day also has a meeting at St Loebas National Stadium where a presentation is shown of what has happened over the year, which then is concluded by Football, Drinks & Food, Other Sporting Events & The Austraran Awards.

Austraran Awards

The Austraran Awards is a ceremony similar to the Oscars, but you get an award for acts of kindness, big achievements & Helping the nation out. 10 Awards are given out each year on Austraran National Pride Day;

  • Award for Kindness
  • Award for helping out the local communities
  • Award for Achievements
  • 4 Awards for Sporting events
  • National Trophies won
  • Award for Person of the Year

Fliers put up around Austrar.


Austrar doesn't play a wide range of sports, yet, has a fully established football team who play in tournaments or friendlies against neighboring countries and micronations. Austrar also has a Handball, basketball & Rugby team yet all 3 of them are a work in progress.


Government is ruled by president Gilmore, who became the Austrar Islands 2nd president in February 2014.


One of the main people of the Austrar Islands is the president, Ben Gilmór. He does foreign affairs, he runs country, everything a president would do.

Flag meaning

Blue symbols the water of the islands, Red for the independence from Scotland in 2013, White for the freedom of the nation, the lion or The Lion Of Austrar is one of the biggest symbols from when Austrar started.

Foreign Relations


Foreign Affairs

Nation Information
Socialist Republic of Bromenia Official Foreign Affairs but no Austraran Ambassador in Bromenia
Eater Islands In contact but still negotiating the recognition
Kingdom Of Korea None official affairs but strong allies
Republic Of Scotannaea None official affairs but have communicated with high authority in Scotannaea
Andorra In contact but still waiting for reply
East Germany Official, strong affairs with East Germany
Vanuatu Rejected affairs
South Sudan In contact but still waiting for reply
Orkney Have contacted in other occasions but still negotiating foreign affairs
Shetland Islands In contact but has rejected
Fiji In contact but has rejected
Tajikistan In contact but still waiting for reply
Forvík Arranging meeting over foreign Affairs
Kingdom Of Lanaa No official contact but is been hinted for foreign Affairs
ChicagoLand No official contact but is been hinted for foreign Affairs
United Kingdom Waiting for response
Smithville Strong Relations
Kingdom Of Virginia
Pantswo Bratewski
Democratic Republic Of Bir Tawil
Roku Island
Aland Islands

Operation Recognition

This was a hunt for recognition from bigger nations.

Recognized by

  • Easter Islands is still being negotiated
  • East Germany
  • Republic Of Colina

Day 1

  • Andorra
  • Easter Islands
  • Vanuatu
  • South Sudan

Day 2

  • Orkney
  • Shetland
  • Fiji
  • Tajikistan

Day 3 (Micronational Recognition Day)

  • Scotannaea
  • Forvik
  • Lanaa
  • ChicagoLand
  • East Germany


All major towns in Austrar

Name Photo Council money Population Region
Arran IMG 1622-1 £40+ 5 Loebasi Region
Fireen Sdfasdf £35 13 Loebasi Region
Kaig GDFG £10 2 Kaig Region
Republic Of Arran BackgroundJk £25 4 Independence TBA
Alforr Hddfhfhdg £3 1 Independence TBC

Towns & Cities


Arran is the biggest city in the Austrar Islands and is the Capital City. It was chosen to host the 2018 Micronational Olympic Games.

St Loebas

St Loebas is treated as a state but likes to be called independent but hasn't made an effort to actually claim independence.


Fireen is in a situation like the Vanconder situation but has money and is highly supported by the Austrar Islands.


Vanconder or formally known as Rank Town is the thinnest state in the Austrar Islands famous for having the longest road in Austrar Islands that borders with 4 Other states, more than any other! Since March 2014 Vanconder has been asking for independence and is still waiting to here a call back from the government.


E'sbjévo is the so-called capital of Vanconder that is known for its radio station and broadcasting across Vanconder and the rest of Austrar!




There is no ambassadors except the media chief.

Extra Events

Austrar Islands takes part in some of the main micronational events, the microvision Song Contest, Micronational Olympic Games & NFT Football Association. For a brief moment in February 2014 Austrar Islands bid for the Micronational Olympic Games and in 2018 will host the games in Arran, capital of Austrar!

Photo Gallery

The Independence WorldWar

Austrar Islands
Date July 20th - Present
Location Scotland & US
Status Ongoing
AustrarISLANDS21 Austrar Islands

150px-Republic of Smithville Flag Smithville
Vanconder FlagJJJ Vanconder
Sangheili Union

Norden Republic Of Nordén

American Militants

AustrarISLANDS21 Ben Gilmór

150px-Republic of Smithville Flag

Norden President Jonathan
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
- -


The conflict began when American Militants invaded Smithville in July. When they invaded many of smithvilles allies came to supply aid and protect Smithville. In August the conflict in smithville continued when on August 12 the Republic Of Nordén claimed Northern Austrar to be Nordenish clay, after negotiating the only thing that had came out of it was Austrar declaring war on the republic of norden. Norden then invaded Fórdarhn and tried to invade Timorská, but were holded of by the austrarans. To this day Austraran troops are fighting to keep the nation alive.

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