Contract of Unity
Azkent Pact
Motto: For Freedom, Peace, Unity, Socialism and God
Capital Azkent, Azistan
Languages English, Aziz, Habet, Albek,Irish (Gaeilge) French, German, Russian, Turkmen, Arabic, Dutch, Viadalvian Viadalci
Supreme Commander Oleksandr Mendeleev
Member States Albekistan,

Azistan, East Alvaria, Habetistan, Viadalvia, Arcadia

Established 21st January, 1999

The Contract of Unity, more commonly known as the Azkent Pact, is a military and political alliance involving Albekistan, Azistan, East Alvaria,Habetistan, Viadalvia, the Kingdom of Arcadia and most recently the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan. The agreement signed by all five member states decrees that 'all member states shall defend one another, politically and militarily, whenever the need arises'.

Since 1999, the Azkent Pact or its members have been involved in 16 conflicts, winning all but one.


The first mention of such an agreement was in 1998, when Azistan, Habetistan and East Alvaria decided they needed some kind of mutual defense agreement.

In December 1998, Oleksandr Mendeleev began drawing up a proposed contract to be signed by all three nations, which was finalised on the 1st of January, 1999.

On the 21st of January the same year, the leaders of the three nations, supervised by Supreme Commander Oleksandr Mendeleev, signed the contract.


10 years after the signing of the contract, Mendeleev decided that a security force was required to establish the Azkent Pact as a true force for peace. He wanted to end the string of unneccesary wars the pact was getting involved in, and devised that only the Azkent Pact Security Unit (ASU), that would involve a quarter of each nations military, would be permitted to intervene in wartime situations on behalf of the Azkent Pact. Mendeleev would control the ASU, which meant the Unit would not get out of control. It also meant that the three nation's unstoppable militaries were limited and unable to invade helpless nations as easily.

In 2012, after having gained independence, Albekistan became the fourth member of the Azkent Pact. In late 2013, Albekistan began recommending more and more micronations to other members of the Azkent Pact, all of whom were accepted without question. The Azkent Pact is still looking for new members.

Future Programmes

The Azkent Pact is trying to rid itself of its militant-style image, and wants to be known as a peaceful organisation. It has recently introduced several cultural programmes, such as the Christianity Preservation Programme and others. It also runs the Yorkshire Micronations Education Comittee which provides test papers for citizens of Albekistan, Azistan, Habetistan and East Alvaria.