Template:Infobox nation 3Azuara, officially the Kingdom of Azuara, is a micronation which claims to be the legitimate governing body of Azuara, a township and civil parish in Spain. It claims to be an independent sovereign state but has received no recognition from world governments.


Azuara is a Township in Spain, founded as a Township in 1248. The Kingdom of Azuara sees itself as the successor of the Township of Azuara, establishing the Township as an independent state.

History of the Kingdom of Azuara

In February 2014, the citizens decided to create a monarchy to recover the traditions of Azuara and save his disappearance, due to the abandonment of the spanish administration.

Government & Politics

The micronation is governed by a democratic system, through the National Assembly, headed by the King.

The National Assembly

The National Assembly is open to all citizens of Azuara. Every citizen have 1 vote.


The culture of Azuara is essentially the football and the cycling. Azuara is a majority Roman Catholic area, and a farming-based community.


Azuara has diplomatic relations with democratic micronations.

Recognized micronations