Balkan Confederation
800px-Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg

Official language(s) Serbian,Greek and Romanian
Official religion(s) Secular, Orthodoxy (De Facto)
- President Miloš Novaković(Acting till the next elections)
- Prime Minister Siegmund Schmidt
Legislature Supreme Council
Established July 4th, 2013
Currency Balkan Dinar (Official; Not Required)

The Balkan Confederation, is an autonomus symonic confederation better known as a Micronation. The Confederation was founded on July 4, 2013 by Porto Viva and the Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians. The Confederation is open to all nations based on Slavic and Balkan cultures (Hellenic and Romanian cultures included)

Politics and Governance

The Balkan Confederation is a Semi-Presidential Confederal Symonos. The Head of States is the President, and the Head of Government is the Prime Minister. The Executive power  is currently in the hands of Council of Ministers.

President of the confederation: Miloš Novaković(acting)

The Council of Ministers

Prime Minister: Sigmund Schmidt

Minister of Diplomatic Affairs, Economy, and Education: Sigmund Schmidt

Minister of Yugoslav Culture and Home Affairs: ( Vacant)

Minister of Health: Hasan Cakar

Confederal Countries

In the Balkan Confederation there are three States (Countries), as the Confederation is a Symonos, the States are fully sovereign.

Current Countries

Possible Countries:

Candidate Countries:

  • Kingdom of Juclandia
  • United Republic of West Antartica 

Diplomatic Relations

The Balkan Confederation maintains three types of relations, a Formal Alliance, Diplomatic Alliance, and the most common, Informal or Friendly Relations.

Formal Alliance: Arcadian Empire

Diplomatic Relations: Republic of Akebar

Friendly\Informal Relations: Monovia

Security and Intelligence forces of the Balkan Confederation

The confederation has a security forces which were created to maintain peace and security in the member states of Balkan confederation. From 8 December 2013 the Security Forces were abolished and there was created Intelligence cooperation among the Organisation of Balkan micronations to be the security institution of this organisation.