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Bansang Ariana (English: Ariana State) is the national anthem of the State of Ariana. It was first used on December 10, 2013, replacing Ariana Ko. It adapted the tune of Bagong Pagsilang, one of the important hymns of the Philippines in the 1970s.


Original Filipino:

Ang Bansang Ariana

Ay bansang malaya


Bayang Mahal

Padayon Ariana

Mapagpabagong bansang

Patuloy sa tagumpay

At ating ihayag

Ang bagong bayan ko

[Repeat 1st stanza]

Nakalipas na ang nakaraan

at dalang pamahalaan

Darating ang araw

Tayo'y magdiriwang

May bagong itatanghal

Ating nabuong bansa

Kinabukasa'y anong ganda

[Repeat 1st stanza]


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