Republic of Baractastain
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Motto: "La libertà prima di tutto"
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The Republic of Baractistain is a micronation in Europe. The population is of 2 people. The official languages are Italian and Spanish. The president of Baractistan is Falcor Cortesi.


1.- Baractastain repudiates the war and all the facets concerning it;

2.- Baractastain is a free country;

3.- Baractastain must always follow the protocols of Italy;

4.- The claimed territories must have an object that shows that it is part of the territory of the state;

5.- The state must have constant relations with other states and microstates;

For information or adquisition of citizenship

Write an email to:


Territory of Baractastain
Territory of baractastain

The perimeter of the country is currently about 319 meters. The country is divided into committees.for now there are two a committee "Comitato Domus" and "Comitato Aquae"

Sports Federation

Flag of Baractastain fo Microcup

The FSNB (Baractastain Sports Federation) is the sports federation of Baractastain. The leader is Falcor Cortesi. The sports covered by the federation are football and volleyball. Baractastain will participate in the 1st edition of the "Microcup 2018"