Barony of Balsamville
(State of the Unironic Empire)
Flag of United States of America.png
2012–2015House of Carnot Simple Arms.png

Unironic MarylandBalsamville Greater Coat of Arms

Capital city Balsamville
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Calvinism (Presbyterian Church in Unironia)
Demonym Balsamer, Balsamian
Government Monarchy
- Baroness Abigail I
Established October 2012
Disestablished June 2015
Area claimed 1/2 acre
Population 4
Currency Unironic Franc


In 2012, the Emperor of Unironia met with a cousin who then wasn`t living within the Empire. During this conversation he bestowed unto her the title "Governor of Balsamville", and making Balsamville a "Unironic Imperial Territory" rather than a province. Note: Unironia before July 2013 was several united provinces and now are a Imperial Federation

As a Barony

When Balsamville was created as a Barony in October 2012, Abigail was made Baroness and Governor. She reigned until June of 2015 when the land, but not the title, passed to her father Bryant, the 3rd Prince Carnot, by Imperial Decree.