Barony of Voyflen

From one Comes All
Capital city Itself
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Voyflennish
Government Barony / Unconstitutional Monarchy with Council
Legislature Council
Established 12/13/2016
Area claimed 1 Acre2
Population 2 (4 in Territory)
Currency USD
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Baseball
National dish Bacon
National drink Milk
National animal Wolf

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The barony of Voyflen was founded approximately 2 months after the fall of its unofficial Predecessor, The barony of Gristan, Fell due a lack of activity. The founder of gristan is the founder and ruler of Voyflen, keeping his title of Baron.

Voyflen is located in an agricultural area of North America and "owns" the land of Gristan (1 Acre, Borders are not clearly defined. Baron says this will change at some point in time.)

Voyflen joined the Intermicronational Union on 12/17/2016.


Voyflen is a member state of the IMU, Which puts it in odd relations with its much larger Micronation Allies.