The Batrani People are a people from Unironia.

Batrani People
Total population
70 (within Unironic Area)

200+ Worldwide

Regions with significant populations
Unironia (Cultural Region)
Unironic empire Insular Unironia 50
Dominion of E-town National FlagE-town 25+
Batranistan flag 3 Batranistan 13+
Bastrian Flag Bastria 2

Roman Catholicism

Related ethnic groups

E-Townese, Bastrians


The original Unironic Etnicity ruled with their tradional style until the June Revolution which toppled the Monarchist government which was replaced bt a socialist state until the Polkburg dissolution which restored the tribal system but in March 2012 the Great Ling fell and a traty that would eventually spell doom for the Batrani people Unironia-Woodland was founded which brought a new race of people from the north that would eventually replace Batranis as the dominant race in Unironia the Monoeans