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The Behemoth Party
Party Name The Behemoth Party
Micronation(s) Wyvern
Leader Ossie of Behemoth
Founded December 2009
Political Information
Political Ideology Centre-right conservatism
Political Position Centre-right
International Affilation(s) none
Colours Black
Party Anthem None

The Behemoth Party is a political party in Wyvern

About the Party

The party was founded by Senator Ossie of Behemoth when it was decided that there should be official political parties rather than only independent candidates. The party is a centre-right party. It has been part of the coalition governments ever since it was founded, and even before that, Ossie of Behemoth was always a member of the Senate. The party agrees on most micronational matters with the WSMP, but tends to agree with the CLP on macronational matters.


Currently, the Senate has four members. The Behemoth Party is one of those members.

Point of View

The Behemoth Party has always been centre-right and slightly conservative. When it comes to Foreign Affairs, it has often advised the minister to stay clear of arguments and conflicts and to focus on the positive side of things. It is neither positive nor negative towards alliances and it respects and supports the Foreign Minister's policies regarding the Alliance Reform of 2010.

On social and economical matters, it agrees with the CLP.

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