Template:Infobox nation 3  Benjaminia (offically the Benjaminian Dictatorship) is the satellite state of the Kingdom of Gillia, which it's lead by Dictator Elijah Gill, King Joshua's brother. The Constitution was offically established and printed on 3/6/14, the same day that the Constitution of Gillia was established and printed.


The Benjaminian Dollar is pegged to 0.25 of the Gillian Lamaro.
The Benjaminian Dollar

The Benjaminian Dollar

Government and Politics

Benjaminia's currenct dictator is His Dictatorial Highness, Elijah Gill. The Constitution of Benjaminia (made by mostly King Joshua Gill and helped by and given ideas by Dictator Elijah Gill) states that the dictator is the head of the state, while the King of Gillia is the head of the government. The type of dictatorship is a constitutional parliamentary electditary. "Electditary" is a portmanteau of the words, elective and hereditary. Electditary is when you elect one of the children of the rule and the rule shall be passed on to the elected child. The parliament of Benjaminia is called the Redittaparlamento, it come from the Italian words, re meaning King, dittator meaning dictator, and parlamento meaning parliament. The Redittaparlamento is a special parliament made up of the King of Gillia, the Dictator of Benjaminia and their spouse and 15 other member that represent Benjaminia. The 15 members are voted by the people of Benjaminia. The 15 member of the parliament don't make laws, they are there to inform the King of Gillia and the Dictator of what's happening in the country and for them to make laws wisely and suggest good and helpful ideas for laws. According to the Constitution, The Dictator of Benjaminia can make and pass laws to the King of Gillia and the King of Gillia has a right to veto them, but the dictator has a right to override the veto if the majority of the members of parliament vote to override. The King of Gillia has a right to make laws without the dictator's approval and the dictator can repel any laws if the majority of the member vote to repel. The dictator serves for life. The dictator has unlimited power to do anything else that the Constitution doesn't go against.

National Holidays

Note: The dates vary depend on the moon cycle and they begin and end at sundown. (We use the Hebrew calendar)  ^ - after sunset  (Note: New Year's is not a feast day of יהוה, I just put it on the Dates for 2014 so people will know we follow the Hebrew Calendar and this Hebrew year is a leap year)

Dates for 2014

  • Hebrew New Year: Abib(Nisan) 1, 5774 (April 1, 2014) 
  • Passover: Abib(Nisan) 13, 5774/Abib(Nisan) 14, 5774 ^ (April 13–14)
  • Unleaven bread: Nisan 14-21, 5774 (April 14–21)
  • First Fruit/Pentecost: Siwan 10, 5774/Sivan 11, 5774 ^ (June 7–8)
  • Feast of Trumpets: Tisheri 1, 5775/Tisheri 2, 5775 ^ (September 25–26)
  • Day of Atonment: Tisheri 10, 5775/Tisheri 11, 5775 ^ (October 4–5)
  • Feast of Tabernacles: Tisheri 15-21 5775(October 9-15)
  • The Last Great Day:  Tisheri 22, 5775 (October 16–17)


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