Bertia is a micronation founded in 2005 by King Max I (then Max Taylor), Joseph Young, Harrison I and George Heywood. It is one of The “Playground” nations



Not much is known about Bertia’s history, It was founded sometime around 2005 by 4 schoolfriends, Max Taylor (later King Max I of Stenall), Joseph Young, George Heywood and Harrison Bert. Harrison resigned as King in 2008 and Max took the role soon after. Max and Joseph left later the same year due to The Imagine Law. Joseph was not involved in Micronationalism again, but Max ended up forming the micronation of Stenall ten years later.

Members of Government

  • King - Harrison Bert (2005-2008), Max Taylor (2008), After that unknown
  • Prime Minister - George Heywood (2005-2008), Harrison Bert (2008-???)
  • Vice-Prime Minister - Max Taylor (2005-2008), Joseph Young (2008), After that Unknown
  • Advisor - Joseph Young (2005-2008), George Heywood (2008-???)