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Flag of Beulakerland

The 'Kingdom of Beulakerland' (Beukerlardian-Dutch: 'Konigreick vann Beulakerlandt' ; Dutch: 'Koninkrijk Beulakerland') also called The Beulakerland Movement (Dutch: Beulakerland Beweging Beukerlardian-Dutch: Beulakerlandt Bewegung ) for being a enemy party to Geert Wilders (PVV, a Dutch Political Party). is a Micronation and the Founding Party of WMU, Beulakerland's vice President was the one who made WMU, but it was never really great as it now is, WMU's growing was after the Reorganisation of WMU, then Katur Islands came in and he made with Beulakerland from WMU a democratic union

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Beukerlardian Gulden

The Beukerlardians also have a valuta: the 'Beukerlardian Gulden' (BG, Bf or

B∫) €1=1,50 BG.

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Beulakerland on itself

Beulakerland lays Northeast of Leeuwte near Sint Jansklooster, it exists from 5 June 2017, but its history is more then 500 years old. It is located on the formally hills near the sunken village Beulake.

History of the State now

On 5 june 2017 2 Countryballpage owners met each other and came on the idea to get away from the bad ideas of Geert Wilders. This micronation was called Beulakerland, it has a great name for making WMU on 25 july 2017.