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Before Reform


"It does not matter how slow you go , so long as you do not stop"
Lux Aeterna(from Requim for a Dream)
Capital city Nasea
Largest city Nasea
Official language(s) English,Slin-Englysh,Maltese
Official religion(s) None-free to choose
Demonym Progressive Environmentalist
Government The PED
- President André Sammut
- Prime minister Emma Xuereb
Legislature PEDcab.
Established May 1st 2010
Area claimed 20sqm
Population 10
Currency Suns,Sunsets
Time zone GMT+1
National drink Dr.Pepper
National animal Canary
Patron saint --
Internet Domain .com
This micronation is a proud member of the OAM and Aegis Alliance


BlueSkies/Archives BlueSkies/Reform Page

The Progressive Environmentalist Democracy of BlueSkies is also known as The PED BlueSkies, BlueSkies and is usually called The PED by the government. It is a micronation led by André Sammut. It was founded on May 1, 2010.The is an important part of the suffix.


The flag shows a landscape with a sunset, hills, a blue sky, clouds and a river

Flag of Blue Skies


It was created on the founding date of BlueSkies.

A new flag has been made and is being evaluated.

New flag


The BlueSkies had a hybrid of two government types: Direct Democracy and Anarchy. The citizens of Blue Skies were free to do whatever they want, but if an issue arose they all voted and discussed the issue. There was no official government.

On the 11th of May 2010 the government was formed and is now Progressive(always advancing)Environmentalist(always thinking about the environment)Democracy(people are free to vote) and instead of voting, it is discussed.

On 26 May, the PM resigned.The next day former MMWGO Emma X. resigned from the seat as MMWGO and took the seat of PM.The President André Sammut takes the place of MMWGO, while still being President and MMFA.

André Sammut,President,MMFA,MMWGO and founder of the PED aka BlueSkies, Decided that on the 27th May Political parties can be formed.

E C o M president min ist ers
President André S.

GEM Alannah X.

PM Emma X.


Thea B.


Carmel S.


Nicola P.













The only city till now is the City of Nasea (previously known as Riverbed) with the Gardens of Kamika.

It is only 20 sqr. m.

There is hope to change the area of the Capital to another place.If this is done the new Capital will be called Sarenai.

On the 13th of June Mechin became sister city to Nasea

City of Nasea

City of Nasea


This is a list of the history of BlueSkies.

  • AKRanza formed
  • Nicolette formed and seceded from AKRanza
  • AKRanza broke down.
  • Free Republic of Iteret Formed
  • Free Republic of Iteret broke down
  • Pixels formed
  • Pixels broke down and led to the start of BlueSkies
  • BlueSkies started on May 1 as a direct democratic anarchy.
  • Creates Microwiki page
  • Enters OAM
  • Blueskies forms alliance with Atlantis
  • BlueSkies Changes government to PED
  • Nicolette breaks down and merges with BlueSkies
  • BlueSkies forms alliance with Secundomia
  • BlueSkies accepts friendship with Slinky Empyre
  • BlueSkies forms friendship with Wyvern
  • BlueSkies starts politically supporting the Carolinians
  • BlueSkies forms alliance with Zonian Confederacy
  • BlueSkies discusses and forms alliance with Yttia
  • Forms alliance with Bokonton
  • Formed alliance with Egtavia
  • Formed alliance with MGPRA1
  • PM resigns and former MMWGO takes his place.
  • President takes seat as MMWGO, MMFA and President.
  • Allowance for the formation of Political parties
  • Slight change in government
  • Rukora accepts alliance with us.
  • BlueSkies doesn't accept friendship from Midget-Nation-in-Exile because of state with Secundomia.
  • Accepts alliance from Nasatroe.
  • Ends Political support for Carolinians
  • Forms alliance with Theodia
  • Alliance with IHST
  • Forms alliance with Midget Empire and Mondero
  • Third Month Starts
  • Formation of Cultural Project
  • Creation of Cultural Council
  • President André Takes lead of Cultural Council
  • Start of Cultural Project.
  • Start of Cuisine Adaption from Japanese
  • Reorganization of BlueSkies pages start
  • Reformation of Government concept in creation.

The Gardens of Kamika

The Gardens of Kamika has two ponds, 4 fire-belly newts, two plants and a cave.

It is 3675 cm sqr.

It was finished on June 5, 2010.


Current Alliances


Pending Alliances

Wishes to Enter Relations In The Future

Alliance Applications

If you would like to form an alliance please ask in the discussion of this page.


The PED BlueSkies was working towards a bank.BlueSkies will officially adopt the Yen at a later date.

Paper money

The currency of BlueSkies were called Suns. The Suns were originally designed on May 5.


The coin version of suns were sunsets and were half the value of a sun.


Sport and Culture

Based on Japanese Culture
Language Slin-Englysh,Englix
Food Style(s) Adapted Japanese
National Sport Qapingai
Art Styles Sculptural;ink and wash
Culture Created by: André Sammut,Cultural Council of BlueSkies
Being Regulated by: Cultural Council of BlueSkies
Used in: BlueSkies
Notes: Martial arts also in creation.


The National cuisine is being constructed off of The Japanese Cuisine.

Till now recipes include: Fried Pasta, Bread with oil and salt, Gyoza(Japan adopted),Anko(Japan) and Onigiri(Japan)

BlueSkies wishes to create a form of martial arts for their Culture.


The Official sport of BlueSkies is Qapingai.


The word Qapingai comes from the word ping-pong.It is pronounced kaa-piin-guy.


This game is played with a ping pong ball.It is played by hitting a ping pong ball with the wall using your hand. You can't grab it but you can bounce it as much as you want. You can use any part of your body and if it stops moving it's the end of the game. Each time you play you should aim to beat your personal best. Your personal best is how many times it hits a wall.


There are many variations on Qapingai.

  • obstacles
  • using a racket instead of hands
  • playing surrounded by water
  • using one wall, two walls or 4 walls
  • using 2 pingpong balls or more
  • adding more players.

Cultural Project

The Cultural Project is the (re)creation of our Culture.

It includes the creation and adaptation of Cuisine, Creation of Martial arts, proper creation of art,possible re formation of sport,etc.

Flag offering

BlueSkies is currently making flags or logos for other micronations and organizations.

If you wish to get a flag ask in this discussion.

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