Bokorkisfaluan Empire (or in short form Bokorkisfalu)(translates as Bush-little-village) (there is also a German name of the Empire because of its relationships: Buschkleindorfer Kaisertum or the short form Buschkleindorf) is a micronation located in Hungary and founded in 2012. The emperor is Viktor I. It has got 2 residents and 1 in status quo. Its state form is Empire and the ruler is the Emperor.Template:Flag infobox

Short history

The history of the Bokorkisfaluan Empire goes back to 2012, when 4 children started producing "dust-bombs" ,these weren't considered as a weapon at all because they only contained a tissue and road-dust.

Since then 1 member has left. In 2013 the first settlers arrived to the place which they called Történelmi Bokorkisfalu (En.:Historical Bokorkisfalu, De.:Historische Buschkleindorf)). That was the place where they spent a lot of years. After a while they moved to Erdőkisfalu (En.:Forest-l-v, De.:Wald k.d.). Then they moved to Sziklakisfalu (En.: Rock-l-v De.:Stein k.d.). Unfortunately here Bokorkisfalu broke up and they made the Bokor-unio. When the Bokor-unio collapsed they reunited and went back to the historical Bokorkisfalu. Afterwards in 2016 they moved to the edge of the forest. Here they declared the Bokorkisfaluan Empire and they chose Viktor I as the Emperor of Bokorkisfalu. Later they had to face a huge problem: A hostile group of raff people occured. They demolished the Parliament and the other buildings. So Bokorkisfaluan people had to find another place to live. Later they found and rebuilt the Bokorkisfaluan Empire and they still work and live there.


Bokorkisfalu is intensively looking for new members. Feel free to contact the Emperor for application!

Armed forces of Bokorkisfalu

Reguláris hadsereg (Regular Army)

Császári testőrség (Imperial Bodyguards)




All inhabitants are Christian. 1 Person (50%) Roman Catholic Church, 1 Person (50%) Calvinism. Religion is really important for the Bokorkisfaluans and they respect the Christian values.


National anthem


Coat of Arms



Bokorkisfalu's website is available at :

Lots of information, contact opportunities, and a future webshop. Just in Hungarian YET!

Historical events