Ken Bolcar ( Born June 9th, 1961.), Governor of New Prague. Married Susan Sweerus ( Born July 26th, 1963) on August 10th, 1985. They have the following children:

Andrew Neil Bolcar ( Born September 3rd, 1988.), current Shogun.

Laura Rae Bolcar ( Born May 7th, 1990.) Queen of Kingdom of Me.

King Todd Michael Bolcar ( Born July 27th, 1998.). Current King of Bolcar.

On November 14th, 2009 Andrew married Lindsey Shaver ( Born 1986.). They have had two children:

Micah Andrew Bolcar ( Born September 29th, 2011.)

Lindsey-Bday-2011 013

Andrew ( The brother of King Todd.) and his wife Lindsey and their son Micah.

Lucy Ruth Bolcar (Born June 10th, 2013)

Members who have reigned as monarch.

So far, only two people have reigned as king: ( even though there is techinally two reigns, since Todd has reigned twice.) Todd and his brother Andrew.

Portrait Name Born Reigned Succession Died Time in Office

Self Portrait of King Todd.

Todd Micheal Bolcar July 27th, 1998. New York May 11th - September 8th 2012. Declared the Kingdom of Bolcar, and made himself King. Living. 4 Months.
No Picture 'Andrew Neil Bolcar September 3rd, 1988. Doffer, NJ. September 8th to September 16th, 2012. Ruled as a substitute. Living 8 days.

Self Portrait of King Todd.

Todd Michael Bolcar July 27th 1998. New York. September 8th 2012 - Present After returning from a trip to Canada, he desposed of Andrew Living Ongoing.