Free Republic of Bristolia

"Do as you wish to be done by"
"National Anthem of Bristolia"
British Isles
Capital city none
Official language(s) English de facto
Demonym Bristolian
Government Presidential Republic
de facto single-party state
- President Benjamin Hartley
- Vice President vacant
Legislature Parliament
Established 2016
Population 1 (registered)
Currency none
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

The Free Republic of Bristolia, commonly referred to as Bristolia, is a self-declared state and micronation located in the British Isles. Bristolia was established in December 2016 by art student Ben Hartley as an experiment and commentary on nationality and political independence. The nation claims an eighth floor flat in central Bristol and currently has a population of 1.

Bristolia claims it's statehood through the Declarative Theory of Statehood set out in the 1933 Montevideo Convention. Bristolia refines it's claims to the location of the flat itself and not the land occupied by the block of flats, and thus claims no territory on earth itself.


Bristolia was established in December 2016 claiming territory above the city of Bristol, United Kingdom in an eighth floor flat. Bristolia declared it's independence on the 5th of December with Benjamin Hartley's declaration of independence;

"I declare this space in the name of the Free Republic of Bristolia, a sovereign nation with it's own unique set of laws, government, defined territory, population and national identity."




Bristolia officially functions as a Presidential Republic, however since it's establishment no elections have been held. Incumbent President Benjamin Hartley ran unopposed in December 2016, while the offices of Vice President, Cabinet ministers and members of parliament remain vacant. As a result, Bristolia currently functions as a de facto autocratic state with the President holding all law making power.

The Executive branch of the Bristolian government consists of the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President and the Cabinet. The President serves both as the Head of State and the Head of Government and is elected every 4 years by popular vote.

The cabinet consists of the ministers of each of the four government ministries, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Welfare. As of 2016 all cabinet positions remain vacant.

The Legislative branch of the Bristolian government consists of the unicameral Parliament. The Parliament has seven members, each member representing one of the seven constituencies of Bristolia. Elections are held every 4 years, halfway through the term of the President, using the proportional representation system.

Political Parties

Bristolia is currently a de facto single-party state with the only established political party being the People's Social Democratic Party (PSDP).








Visual Arts

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