Britavian Federation
Britavishe Federatie
Federayla Brotvia
Flag of Britavia
Coat of arms of Britavia
Coat of Arms

Together as one
Capital city Neniv
Largest city New Moscow
Official language(s) English, Dutch ,Britavian ,Russian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Britavian
Government Federation
- President Thomas Ben
- Prime Minister Vasily Mikhail
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established 2014
Population 33 (last)
Currency Dinayr
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Britavia (Brotvia)officially the Federation of Britavia or the Britavian Federation (Britavian:Brotvian Federayla), is a republic in Western Europe bordered by The Netherlands ,the Ichkanian Republic and Markovia

Originally founded as the Fascist State of Britavia in as a separatist breakaway state It became a cultural project. Britavia was formerly a constituent nation of Transbritavia. After the separation of Ichkania and Markovia, Britavia seceded from Transbritavia and adopted a new constitution, establishing itself as a democracy under the name Federation of Britavia


Fascist Republic

Britavia was originaly formed as a fascist republic in 2013 by testing "race separation" the fascist republic opposed Nazism and seeing Hitler as "destroyer of pure fascism" the republic had despite it was fascist the people accepted it

However the president (with was "Duychia") Thomas Ben have proclaimed that Britavia must have its own indenty so the state proclaimed the Britavian federation

Kovan War of Independence

Kovan War of indenpdence
(part of Black March)
100px Altanian flag
Conflict: Kova War
Date: 12-24 December 2014
Place: Kova
Outcome: Signing of the Treaty of Kozenya.
Flag of BritaviaBritavian Federation KPLFjpgKovan People's Liberation Front
Flag of BritaviaThomas Ben

Flag of BritaviaVasilly Mikhail Flag of BritaviaRobert Wards

Altanian flagKing Daniel Hill

KPLFjpgYaroslav Ivov

22 5
0 0

The Kovan Revolution began when kovanese people in the Mexican province of Kova rebelled against the increasingly centralist Britavian government. Despite a decade of political and cultural clashes between the Britavian government and the increasingly large population of Kovanians in Kova, when hostilities erupted, Kovan (Dutch-speaking settlers) disagreed on whether the ultimate goal was independence . As delegates at the Consultation (provisional government) debated the war's motives, Kovans and a flood of volunteers from the Holland systematically defeated the small garrisons of Britavian soldiers by mid-December 1835.


Recent history