Parsamaan Lippu
Broccolandian Broccolist Republic or Republic of Broccoland (fin. Parsamaan Tasawalta), (epo. Respubliko de Brokolando) (rus. Брокколяндия Республика, Brokkolyandiya Respublika) (jap. ブロッコランド共和国, Burokkorando kyōwakoku) is independent micronation in Europe and whole nation is borning in one YouTube live in 18.7.2017. Broccolandians are 36 residents and most of speaking Finnish. Broccoland is in two unions, United Micronations and Brocco-Axis.
Republic of Broccoland

"Zalute to Broccoland"
Capital city Broccow
Official language(s) Finnish, Esperanto
Official religion(s) Brocco-Paganism, Christian
Demonym Broccolandian, Brocco
Government Broccolist Republic
Population 37
National drink Red Bull
National animal Dikka (weird pink creature)
Patron saint Martyr Pete the cat, AestoHD, Brocco the Goddes

Torlandian Empire fall in 19.6.2017, but in one month after Torland independent again, but uses pseudonym "Broccoland" and still use this name.


Name origin

Before the independent, PierreFin asks new name for new Empire in YouTube live. One of viewer says "Broccoli" and PierreFin thinking. That's a good meme name for Empire.

However, Broccoland was Kingdom in few days and Broccoland becomes Republic, because anyone not becoming the King/Emperor.

PierreFin the Broccolandian creator began leads country and he still even lead the country.


Broccolandian History

Broccolandian history starts in 2011, when PierreFin thinking that "What if I take new country?" Kingdom of Tortiy was independent and first king is random Lego man. Tortiyan history is forgotten and some draws are proof to tell history. Tortityan flag is very same than like New Emersonac City.

In 2012, unknown cat and PierreFin talks something (cats not talking xd) and results are to make new empire and Nytorian Empire born.

Nytorian Empire was good friend of many nations, but best friend nation is Petleas, which got independence 2012.

Nytoria-Petleas friendship lasted to year 2015, when King of Petleas died and it become martyr of Nytorian Empire.

Nytorian Empire almost fall and change name to Torland, because swedish translation "Nytorland" looks like a "Ny Torland" (New Torland). Torlandian Empire conquered many areas and protects own country in many wars (Richardtopia-Torlandian war and "Torlandian civilwar"). Socialist Countries Union decklares war against Torland and Torlandian Operation Rmv-Commis begins.Torlandian Empire fall and one month later Torland got independence again, but uses the pseudonym "Broccoland". Broccolandian got independence in 18.7.2017.

In Broccoland for few months was very peacefully and Broccoland growing so fast and new residents comes too. Broccoland was almost go to new civilwar, but no Broccoland going to war of Masennus and lose it.

Broccoland bans communism after that War of Masennus, because communists makes this bad...

Broccoland Rising

Rebuilding of Broccoland is little operation for Broccoland and Broccoland growing again. After that Broccoland has no war. Broccolandian new age is new chance for country and it is, new ideology "Broccolism" arise and Brocco Party got whole goverment. New Goverment was owned by 11 memembers, but nowadays 10. Broccoland had declared new country "Pearland" to indepedence, but after Pearland not like Broccoland and Broccoland ignore whole country.

Cannabisland got indepedence and Broccoland taked Non-Agression pact and after Brocco-Axis wth Aestonia and Cannabisland.
Die Brokko Fahne des Sieges

Nowaday Broccoland

Nowaday Broccoland is peacefull country and have 36 residents, which are very glad. Broccoland not have a army, but many Broccolandians announced to be soldier for own Motherland. Broccolism and Patriotism is normal things in Broccoland. 95% Broccolandians are willing to fight a war for their country which are the highest number in the world and Broccoland is most patriotic country in the world. Brocco Media, Memes are Patriotic in Broccoland. (more patriotic than North Korea xd)

Politic and Goverment

Broccoland have two parties ("Broccolist Union" or "Brocco-Party of Broccoland" and "Broccolandian Fascist Party") but Brocco Party is ruler. Broccolandian Goverment consists of 10 memembers and this "goverment" work in whatsapp. This groub in before is public, but in now it is private.Template:Infobox LeaderĈefo means "Leader" in Esperantoan language and this language is second motherlanguage in Broccoland. Ĉefo is Broccolandian leader and leader of Brocco Party.

Brocco Party BPB Broccolandian Fascist Party BFP
Parsamaan Parsaisto - Brocco-Party of Broccoland
Broccolandian Fascist Party
92% votes 8%


National sport of Broccoland is Broccolandian Baseball and more famous sport is E-Sport.


Brocco-Nippon friendship

Broccolandian culture is mixup of Japanese, Finnish, and American. In popular culture most of people loves Japan and USA and absolutely own Motherland. Many Broccolandians are weeaboo. Shooting with MP40 or ak47, Broccoli eating, wear ushanka, Brocco flag waving, watch anime, very Broccolandian. Patriotic memes are very popular in Broccoland


Broccolandian Patriotism Intensifies

National Sport and National dish

Broccolandian media work in Instagram, YouTube and maybe everywhere.

Food and Drink culture

National food is Broccoli and national drink is Water or Red Bull. More Broccolandian tradional foods are mämmi, pizza, salmon, aspargus, leek and traditional drinks are Broccolandian cream soda, Moomin Limonade, Anti-Milk, Broccoli Vodka.

Symbols and more

Name Use Flag Coat of Arms
Broccolandian national flag and

Coat of Arms

18.7.2017 - ?????
Parsamaan Lippu
Broccolandian Coat of Arms
Broccolandian War Flag 19.5.2018 - ?????
Broccolandian War Flag
Pierre-Juneco 6.6.2018 - ?????
Pierre-Jugend tunnus
Broccolandian Armed Forces

Armetrupoj de Brokolando

Not yet established
Broccolandian ArmedForces
Broccolandian ArmedForces SYMBOL
Creamanian Autonomic State 4.4.2018 - ?????
Creamanian flag
Arbaroland 15.6.2018 - ?????
Metsälän Lippu
Metsälän Tunnus waakuna
Brocco-Axis 12.5.2018 - ?????
Brocco-axis flag