Broccotropolian Empire

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Broccotropolian Empire
Bandera imperial
Escudo de Armas Imperial

Siri sunt subnormals, tods
(English: You are all subnormal)

Broccolist March
Capital city Escalum
Largest city Nueva Segovia
Official language(s) Brockish, Spanish.
Official religion(s) Junism
Demonym Broccotropolian
Government Absolute monarchy.
- Emperor Taui I
Established November 2014
Area claimed 600 m2
Population 30 in total (only 10 citizens inside the country, the rest are illegal immigrants)
Currency Brocco
Time zone GMT

Broccotropolis, or the Broccotropolian Empire (IRB) is a small micronation located in a high school somewhere in Spain.

The Empire is governed by friends and associates of Emperor Taui I, the supreme dictator of the tiny nation. The population of the state rarely exceeds fourty six, and its inhabitable area is 600m².

Although not officially recognized by any country, the state claims to have small recognition from the Canary Islands.

History Edit

Much of the state's history is unknown. We do know it was founded in November 2014 by students led by Cesar De la Presilla. The area which is now Broccotropolis was just a regular courtyard where students would hang out at recess. Cesar and the others of his gang took it over and declared it their own country. Cesar formed the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis (the name was chosen due to Cesar's belief that broccoli helps the mind of a great leader, and also in honour of his idol, PewDiePie), set up his government, gathered his citizens and made himself President (even though Broccolist propaganda "claims" there was an election, and he won a majority vote. This is very likely false). He passed a law stating that all citizens (including himself) had to have the word "-ccoli" at the end of their first names. And so, HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT CESARCCOLI of the Independent Republic of Broccotropolis ruled over his people.

Civil War Edit

For many months, all seemed well. The country was doing fine separated from Spain. But, in March 2015, President Cesarccoli abandoned his country due to falling in love with an illegal immigrant of the country, and ran away to be with her. With no head of state to rule the country, a political crisis occurred. Eventually democracy was utterly destroyed and a Civil War happened. One side was led by democratic Republicans, the other by Royalists. After months of conflict, General Jun Guo returned to the country after being on holiday in China. He joined the war and seized the throne. He declared a military dictatorship, with himself as Caudillo, or Leader of Broccotropolis.

Dictatorship of General Jun Edit

From the end of the war, Jun established a cult of personality in Broccotropolis, leading an almost Stalinist regime. He was supported by the army and by the Senate. Strangely, the people did not feel oppressed by the Caudillo, and today there are many who preferred the regime to the future democratic restoration.

Democratic restoration Edit

After a long time ruling over the small nation with an iron hand, General Jun abdicated and reestablished democracy. The elections were held on May 20, 2015, with Senator Tauiccoli becoming President (although his victory was very controversial and provoked much criticism).

Later came the second election and won the Lord of the Admiralty, Aydanccoli. His victory was very well received and was received on the throne of Cesarccoli with open arms.

On November 12, 2015, the Republic celebrated its first anniversary. There were lots of celebrations and fun things to do. The day is officially known as' Broccotropolis Independence Day, but also unofficially called Broccotropolis Day, National Day or Cesarccoli Day.

As a New Year's announcement, President Aydanccoli confirmed that a new language would be spoken in Broccotropolis, to differentiate it from Spain completely. This language, known as Brockish, was an old idea that was found inside the office of the former dictator of Broccotropolis, General Jun. In honor of the former great leader of the nation and God, the President revived the lost project. The language is a mixture of a lot of different languages ​​of the world (Spanish, Italian, Catalan, English, Esperanto and Russian).

The Great Crisis Edit

In the third elections, two new parties were formed: the Economic Party, which had a good plan to solve the economic problem, and theLiberal Democrats), Who wanted to ban Spanish and make Brockish the only and official language of Broccotropolis. In the end, the elections ended in a coalition: a pact between the Powerful Party (PP) and the Labor Party (PIOB).

With the return to power of President Tauiccoli, factories were opened, there were more jobs and everything went well with the support of Aydanccoli as Chancellor. But shortly after, the President decided to promote tourism and opened the country to foreign visitors and, for the first time in history, allowed citizens to travel freely to other countries. This single decision led to a devastating economic crisis that led to the closure of factories, the biggest increase of illegal immigration in the history of Broccotropolis and a famine (because more than half of the population left and never returned).

The Chancellor and former President, Aydanccoli, resigned from leading the PIOB; Declaring that his successor would be chosen by the party in a kind of mini-elections. Judge Jaimeccoli, who would participate in the following general elections, won.

President Davidccoli and social protests Edit

In the fourth elections, all the candidates of the last elections participated because of their excellent results, except Aydanccoli, who named Jaimeccoli as his successor and new leader of the PIOB party. They were the first elections in which all the parties of the last elections participated.

The winner of the election was Davidccoli of Liberal Democrats. He won without an absolute majority, and formed a pact with the Powerful Party to rule. His victory was very much applauded and was called by many "the finisher of corruption". After the defeat of Jaimeccoli (which was the worse result of the history of the PIOB), he gave back the position of leader of the PIOB Labor Party to Aydanccoli; Jaime returned to be Supreme Judge.

In April 2016, President Davidccoli gave the order to renew the passports of all citizens. The new style (blue, and with a note of the ex- dictator Jun) replaced the old one of the presidency of Cesarccoli (white and with the rules of the country, that were removed from the new version due to great changes in the system).

Monarchist Manifestations Edit

In May 2016, after the President's controversial statement that he was against Jun being God, and that he did not believe in the State religion, many pro-Junist citizens gathered and expressed their desire to overthrow the Republic and start a monarchy headed by the younger brother of Jun, Hong.

There were many protests and demands for the President to resign. The national newspaper "The Weekly Branch" said that a Second Civil War was very possible: a war between believers of Junism and non-believers.

Because of this, President Daviccoli changed his party's name to Personal Liberty.

Referendum for reunification with Spain Edit

In September 2016, after the endless dissatisfaction of the Broccotropolian people, President Davidccoli and the party Personal Liberty decided to do a referendum. The subject:

Do you want Broccotropolis to reunite with Spain? If so, do you want everything related to Broccotropolis to cease to exist completely?

Many citizens wanted to remain a free and independent country, but others were fed up with what they called small size and unstable government. This left politicians like former Presidents Tauiccoli and Aydanccoli very frightened, fearing to lose their power.

In the end, the NO option won, but not with an absolute majority. The YES / NO option (which wanted Broccotropolis to become an autonomous community in Spain) almost won with only a couple of votes less than the NO option.

The Last Elections and The Empire Edit

In the fifth elections, the PP and Personal Liberty parties united to create a new party with the aim of creating a Broccotropolitan Empire, controlled by an absolute monarchy. This party was Together For Broccotropolis.

The defenders of the Republic, PIOB and Economic Party, ran against Together For Broccotropolis in the elections.

The result was a draw: TFB and the Economic Party finished with 5 votes, leaving the PIOB with only 3 votes. Davidccoli remained President-in-Office during the search for a solution.

Shortly after, the sixth elections were made, which were a repetition of the previous ones to try to solve the problem of the tie of Together By Broccotropolis and the Economic Party.

They were won by Together By Broccotropolis, causing huge criticism and social protests. With the victory of the party, Tauiccoli proclaimed the end of the Republic, and the beginning of the Broccotropolitan Empire, and proclaimed himself Emperor Taui I.

'Brocco-Pluvian War' Edit

In November 2016, the Kingdom of Pluvialia declared war on Broccotropolis with the aim of conquering it. Emperor Taui counterattacked and declared war on Pluvialia. Thus began the Brocco-Pluvian War. The war lasted 3 days, and was won by the Broccotropolians. However, this did not improve his popularity as Emperor, and Republican protests followed. To make things easier, the Emperor imposed census suffrage.

Sports Edit

The official sport of the IBR is the Jugger:

But football is also played a lot. Back when it was a Republic, Broccotropolis took part in the Formula Virtual, a racing tournament for micronations, and was going to host a V-Prix.

Geography and climate Edit

The living area is 600 m². It includes a cafeteria, a chemistry lab and a library; Which is the former palace of the Head of State: The House of the President (which is no longer the residence of the Head of State due to the proclamation of the Empire. Now the residence is the Royal House, In Central City). This "President's House", now used only for government meetings, is located in the capital of Las Escaleras.

Escalum, although it is the capital, is very small. It is formed by a corner with stairs that lead up to the upper corridors, a small pebble quarry next to the stairs (where the famous 'Throne of Cesarccoli' is) and the library or House of the President (where the Government discusses the management of the nation, and play chess). The reason why this area was chosen as capital was because it was the old meeting place of Cesar and his friends.

Summers are always very hot with very little rain, so it is not very good for agriculture. During the winter it is usually quite cold, with the average temperature recorded by the Imperial government is 10 degrees.

Culture Edit

Language Edit

Broccotropolis is known for having it's own language, invented by the dictator General Jun when he was in power: Brockish.

Brockish is a combination of Spanish, English, Catalan, Esperanto, Italian and Russian. It is known for being quite a difficult language to learn, and only 20% of the country's citizens speak it fluently.

Here is a list of some words translated from Brockish to Spanish:

Broques palabras basicas



The official religion of Broccotropolis is Junism, in which the God and Creator of all life on Earth is the old dictator Jun.

Jun, although he is no longer a dictator of the country, he is still worshiped and loved by his people, and seen as the sole and supreme God. The sacred book of Junism is the Junist Bible.

Economy Edit

Broccotropolis cannot be kept at the mercy of the productive activity of its own territory, limited to the sale of tourist souvenirs, books, stamps and photos. But it gains the income of people who believe in Junism who do not live in Broccotropolis.

Currency Edit

Broccotropolitan currency is the Brocco (B).

In the past, 1B was worth 0.50€, and 5€ was 1€. This was a problematic system, and now 1B has the same value as 1€.

Taxes Edit

Broccotropolis is one of the only "countries" in the world in which it's citizens do not pay taxes. This is because normally only people with Broccotropolian nationality can enter. You have to pay to buy a home, rent it or stay in one for a specific amount of time; But once you have your home, the government leaves you alone.

Legal Status Edit

As of now, the Broccotropolian Empire is recognized only by other micronations:

Name Flag
Kingdom of Doland The Dolandic Flag
Principality of Sabovia Flag of Sabovia
Kingdom of Pluvialia Bandera PLUVIALIA
Republic of Molossia Molossia flag

Means of communication Edit

The Empire issues its own postage stamps, has its own weekly newspaper (The Weekly Branch) and a television (Broccotropolis TV).

The Broccotropolitan State has a telephone service that has outdated facilities for internal communication, called Brockistar (literally a phone service made with cups and string).

Citizens also have mobile phones that can not communicate with the outside world, just watch videos and take terrible pictures.

Transportation wise, there are no cars in Broccotropolis. Citizens have scooters for transportation. Since it is a communist country and everyone has to be the same, every person has to have one. Some people just walk though they have one of those vehicles.

Military Edit

The Broccotropolitan Army is composed of 8 soldiers and two spies. They force citizens to join the military if more soldiers are needed. The army is led by a General (currently Astonccoli), who informs the Emperor of the Army's actions. Recently, the Army has had problems with the Emperor's government, and they do not respect him as their leader.


Broccotropolian Army scooter, the vehicle of the military

Broccolist soldier

Broccotropolian Army propaganda

Politics Edit

The current system of the country is that of absolute monarchy or by divine right. The current head of state is the Emperor, whose power is bestowed upon him by God (Jun). The Emperor is the symbol of the unity of the nation and representative of God Jun on Earth. He has unlimited power within the borders of the kingdom and assumes control over the legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Although it is a completely different country to the Republic that it was, it continues incorporating many elements of the dictatorship of the Generalísimo Jun. He remains the "God" of the country and his portrait appears in the citizens' passports and the military salute is still HAIL JUN. But despite all this, Jun has no actual power in the government, and is simply a religious figure.

The current Emperor is Taui I, the first Emperor of his dynasty and of Broccotropolis in general.

The rest of the government Edit

The State has its own government, chosen by His Majesty the Emperor.

  • Davidccoli is the Head of the Senate. He possesses one half of the powers that the Emperor has, but only has absolute power in the Senate. In times of crisis, he acts as Emperor Regent.
  • Aydanccoli is the Councilman, Secretary of State and Lord of the Admiralty.
  • Astonccoli is the General of the Army, Minister of Finance and Manager of the Good-Grass Factory.
  • Jaimeccoli is the Chief Justice and Supreme Judge.
  • Ismaccoli is the head of the CBI (secret police) and Director of the newspaper The Weekly Branch.
  • Kailccoli is Head of the Department of Nationality and Passports.
  • Mikelccoli is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

List of heads of state of the Republic Edit

Title Head of State Party Duration
President Cesarccoli Independent November 2014 - February 2015
Caudillo Jun Guo Communist Party of Broccotropolis February 2015 - May 2015
President Tauiccoli Powerful Party May 2015 - September 2015
President Aydanccoli Broccotropolian Workers Party of the Left September 2015 - January 2016
President Tauiccoli Powerful Party January 2016 - March 2016
President Davidccoli Liberal Democrats - Personal Liberty March 2016 - October 2016


List of Emperors of Broccotropolis Edit

Title Head of State House Duration
Emperor Taui I Imperial Family October 2016 -

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