Bromeni Lev


Official users Socialist Republic of Bromenia
Pegged to Bromenia
Symbol лв
Code BGN
Plural Levi
Sub-unit Stotinka
Mint Bulgarian Mint

The Bromeni Lev is the national currency for the Socialist Republic of Bromenia and also one of the two accepted currencies in Bromenia alongside Euros. The symbol is лв and the subcoin is the Stotinka. Every Lev is equivalent to one hundred Stotinka.


The Lev was introduced first as the currency after the signing of the Treaty of Bromenia, which meant it replaced the Euro as the official currency. Euros are still accepted even by the government as they are an easily transferrable source of money.

They are identical to the Bulgarian Lev except they are simply renamed to Bromeni lev.


The Bromeni Lev's value is fixed at the rate of the Bulgarian Lev, there is a small conversion chart below.

Currency = x Bromeni Lev
Euro (1) = 1.96лв Bromeni Lev
U.S Dollar (1) = 1.41лв Bromeni Lev
Great British Pound (1) = 2.37лв Bromeni Lev

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