Bromeni Workers' Party
братя работническа партия
Chairperson Вход
Spokesperson сойка
Founded 27/08/2013
Preceded by Socialist Republic of Bromenia
Succeeded by Incumbent
International affiliation Communism
Ideology Bratya Ideology

The Bromeni Workers' Party is the sole and ruling party of the Socialist Republic of Bromenia. It's chairperson, President Вход, is also the incumbent President of Bromenia due to his position within the ruling party. It was formed at the very beginning of Bromenia's existence on the 27th August 2013, and continued existenced throughout the period of political turbulence known as the Unofficial Liberation of Bromenia. Upon the 4th January 2014 the 3 leaders of the party and of Bromenia itself founded the Brotherhood For The Greater Good Of Society which is an elite group of the founding members.


  • President - Вход [Pronounced Vkhod]
  • Chancellor - сойка [Pronounced Soika]
  • Foreign Minister - шотландец [Pronounced Shotlandets]
  • Minister of Information - бърлога [Pronounced Burloga]
  • Ambassadors to Foreign Countries -
    прекарвам (USA) [Pronounced Prekarvam], сойка (UK & Scotland) [Pronounced Soika], остригана (Ecuador) [Pronounced Ostrigana]

Bratya Ideology

The Bratya Ideology was created at the formation of Bromenia and is the sole ideology of the party, it's aim is for all working together to push through hard times. The primary focus of the Bratya ideology is that nobody should have a specialist subject, they should be able to work in all areas.

For instance, a person working in the Military should be able to cook as well as fight whilst someone working in healthcare must be able to retain all of the disciplines, from radiology to nursing. This idea promotes that everyone has the potential to do anything they want as they have no limits to their abilities. This kind of society shows that people working within a sector are able to fit into any job within that sector.

The Bratya Ideology is split into 6 sectors;

  • Healthcare Sector
  • Military Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Political Sector
  • Service Sector
  • Informaton Sector

Instead of having a particular job title, people are expected to join one of the 6 sectors and then be designated the different tasks ranging from the low importance to the high importance. The idea behind this is that everyone works together and is able to shift into any role in that sector, be it doctor or receptionist. All of the money made within one sector in a particular month will then be split evenly throughout everyone working in the sector, thus creating a classless system.

Treaty of Bromenia

At the founding of the Brotherhood for the Greater Good of Society, the three leading members signed a treaty which dictates exactly what the party does and the events that follow.

The Treaty of Bromenia was an official document signed by the President, Chancellor & Foreign Minister of the Bromeni Federation (Bratya Federatsiya). It was signed as the three met for the first time since the recent election on the 4th January 2014 in London, United Kingdom. This treaty laid out several laws and also defined the official borders and claimed territory of the Federation.

Article i - Protection of the Bromeni People

All Bromeni people stand under the close protection of the Brotherhood for the Greater Good of Society, the ruling house of Bromenia and the official army which will lead it into battle should such an event occur.

Article ii - Definition of the borders of Bromenia

The borders shall stand at the permanent edges of Dragostin.

Article iii - Laws of Bromenia

Bromenia shall follow standard international law, with the addition of the selection of our own punishment. Capital Punishment is in force should it be necessary.

Article iv - Leadership of Bromenia

The President of Bromenia is a tenure position, once elected the President shall remain in such state until death.

Article v - Foreign Relations

All Foreign Relations are to be strictly prohibited to a select few who treat our ideology with respect, or have a similar ideology to our own.

Article vi - Communism

Bratya Communism shall remain the only diplomatic system used in Bromenia. It ensures that everyone working within one sector shall be paid the same amount, regardless of social status, gender, sexual orientation, disability or experience.

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