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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Socialist Republic of Bromenia 14
United Kingdom 3
United States of America 1
Ecuador 1

Bulgarian - English



The Bromeni People are the indigenous people of the Socialist Republic of Bromenia. They are a slavic people closely related to Bulgarians and Tatar people, and largely populate Bromenia which is debatedly a region of Bulgaria. Notable Bromeni people include Vkhod Ghespatrov, the President of Bromenia and Solia Presicham, a Bromeni artist.

National Identity


A digital render of actual Bromeni passports.

Bromenians are notable for a national use of Mononymouty, although internationally they are oftenly referred to by their full names. Passports note Bromenians as having a singular name, however.

Bromenians are easily attached to the other Slavic groups such as Bulgarians and Tatars due to the darker skin tone when compared to West Europeans. Bromenians are known for being incredibly vague when describing their lives, their homeland and anything else.

People of note

  • Vkhod, President of Bromenia.
  • Soika, Chancellor & Ambassador to the United Kingdom.
  • Presicham, Bromeni Artist.
  • Shotlandets, Foreign Minister of Bromenia.
  • Burloga, Pioneering Bromeni Engineer & Bromeni Minister of Information.
  • Prekarvam, Ambassador to the United States of America.
  • Ostrigana, Ambassador to Ecuador.
  • Ishtana, Musician.

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