The Bungarian Federation or as it is more commonly referred to as Bungaria is a micronation founded on New Year's Day 2012. Bungaria is located within North America. It found its establishment with the demise of its legal successors, Pashema and Koranda


The word Bungaria can refer to a place much like a Shire. Shire meaning a county as they are called in Australia[1] and the United Kingdom[2]



Bungaria comes from two legal successors Koranda and Pashema, Pashema was a country that was made May 8, 2011 it went through many long internal hardships and economic collapses. Koranda on the other hand was mostly a medievalish Kingdom with a Dictatorial King who never listend to the people this resulted in riots and attacks from Pashema although history shows that Koranda and Pashema had there rough times and good times and now they work together in one big sovereign state.

Government and politics

Referred to as a federation Bungaria also has nobility and royalty in the politics of Bungaria there is a Constitutional Monarch. With a heir if the Monarch abdicates himself then the heir will assume the position if seventy five percent of the population agrees he or she should be the Monarch. If however the Monarch has abdicated or died without an heir then the nobility will come together and pick an heir as they were picked by the former Monarch. On the Federation side of things Bungaria is governed by a Federal elected Parliament called the Senate a Cabinet and Prime Minister from each one of the three provinces two Senators are elected they will represent there provinces interests in the Senate. Higher than the Senate comes the Cabinet the Cabinet consists of Ministers chosen by the Monarch with the advisory of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Prime Minister, with the help of the Cabinet, determines and is responsible for Executive Power. Within the limits of this general policy, each Minister conducts the business of his department autonomously and on his own responsibility. The Prime Minister conducts the business of the Government in accordance with rules of procedure adopted by him and later approved by the Monarch.

Law enforcement

The main law enforcement in Bungaria is the Federal police working for the Ministry of defence they can usually be seen wondering the streets of Bungarian cities.


Bungaria is a micronationally-developed country and possesses a stable notaphiliac Gold based economy. With its own currency each signed by the King so it can not be replicated.


The main Military force in Bungaria is the BAF (Bungarian Armed Forces). There duties are to defend the People and the land of Bungaria there is a military HQ in every province. It consists of only two branches the ground force and the naval Force. Training camps are held once every three Months.


Before joining the Military you must go through standard training procedure once done you take the oath of the soldier.

I Swear to God and Country

To always protect this land

and to lend my life if needed

and to always respect the authority above me

To Victory or death!