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Cärrum (Defunct)
ᛣᚥᚾᛖᚱᛇᚳᛖ ᛣᚪᚱᚱᚢᛗ
Kyneraicze Karrum
Carrum Carrumarms
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: Alte Kameraden
Alte Kameraden Marsch


Unsere eigene Herren wünschen wir - Our own Lords we desire

Location of Carrum: Southern England & South East Germany
Capital Seitweg
Largest City Verlässlich
Official language(s) English, West Germanic, German
Ethenic Groups - German, Austria, English
Demonym Cärrumian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King

Sebastian I

- Reich Aufseher Edward Thalberg
Legislature Absolute Monarchy
- Kingdom of Cärrum 26th July 20129th Weedmonth 2262
- Land (%) 100%
- Water (%) 0%
- 2012 12
Currency Saxon Pound (Cärrumian Mark), Euro, British Pound Sterling
Time zone (mainland) CET


- Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+?)
Drives on the - Right
ISO 3166 code - CA (Proposed)
Internet TLD - CA (Proposed)
Calling code - Not yet confirmed
National Sport Fishing
National Dish Venison
National Drink Pure Water
Patron Saint

Otto Von Bismark

The Kingdom of Cärrum (Cah-rum) is a 5th world micronation located in England and Germany. Abiding by the laws of the Montevideo Convention Cärrum is not recognized by either nation its claims are in. Cärrum is a constituent state of the Saxon Empire and has good relations with the Great Republic of Sierra and the Empire of New Europe.


The Kingdom of Cärrum has its roots in a West Saxon settlement that existed prior to 1066, attested as the 'place of a naval engagement'. King Sebastian I, upon entering into the Saxon Empire in 2012, inherited the legacy of a royal lineage beginning with King Cerdic. After periods of Kings and Queens came the English Civil War, where the Monarchs were finally stood up to by the English Parliament. A pivotal battle was fought near Cärrum, leaving the nearby castle distoryed and the Royalist defenders on their knees. Further on came the Great War, a conflict which was meant to end all conflicts. Both of Cärrum's territories saw the horros of the war and both sides boots crossed each territory. The same happend again with the Second World War, as before both lands saw the presence of war as German, English, Russian, American and other nations clashed in the conflict. Then finally peace came to Cärrum's land but not for long as the split of Germany ripped the once strong nation to pieces and the Democratic Western English Cärrum territory got split from its Communist East German counterpart, but what begins well will end well as the nation were finally reunited and formed the Germany we know today! Cärrum now enjoys its relationship with its German Territory with the King visiting it every year!

Modern History

Cärrum first started off as an unserious nation called the Kingdom of Le Town. King Sebastian wanted more stability and seriousness for his nation and went on to create the Reich of Forgatta, this made the nation just that and the Reich prospered. But as time went on the King wanted somewhere his nation would be safe and equal. He went to the Saxon Empire and created the Kingdom of Cärrum.


Kar98k mp

Cärrum's military force is called the Kommissmacht. The Kommissmacht imports Bundeswehr equipment from Germany. The Kommissmacht is currently attempting to manufacture a Karabiner 98k (Kar98k) Mauser rifle replica, to fire small bolts. The Kommissmacht uses Flecktarn Camoflauge patern for it's main equipment. Also using heavy balistic bolt throwers for supporting fire the Kommissmacht has acess to high levels of technology to be dominant on the Battlefield. Cärrum also employs the use of heavy go-carts, using metal plating to make a tank like vehicle, as well as being able to mount a heavy balistic bolt thrower on the back, as to make the bolt thrower mobile.


Cärrum's Government is a Democratic Monarchy. The Government has Partys, and these Partys form their councils, with their authorative heads. These Councils give their views to the public and are then voted for. The elected councils then assist the King in his decisions. This is a new system devised by Cärrumian Government called the Cärrumist Democratic Council Monarchy system.


This list is of the Partys and their Councils:

Party Political Ideology
Cärrum Conservative Party Liberal Conservatism
Cärrum Liberal Socialist Party Socialism
Cärrum National Party Nationalism


Cärrum's economy is surprisingly high for Micronations. Using it's own currency, the Cärrumian Marks are stored in the Royal Bank of Cärrum's safe. Cärrum also prints it's own notes as seen in the picture, they are decorated with a picture of a renowned person that is either decorated, remembered, or taken part in the history of Cärrum. In the sample (that is enlarged) you see a picture of Wilhelm II of the German Reich. The note is customized with a number barcode, in binary, and the date it was made as seen on the note, for example, 30092012. The note also has a Royal Seel of the Bank added to it. The Binary and the Code is entered into a computer system, which registers the use and renders the note worthless. If attempted to be used again, it will come up on the system as used. Cärrum does not have the 'Change back system' as for everything is worth an exact ammount in Cärrumian marks i.e: A book would cost 3 CM where as in Pound Sterling it may cost £1.50, Cärrum avoids post decimal units, as to avoid confusion, and stop difficulties in the Computer system. Cärum's exchange rate to British Pound Sterlings is 1 CM to 50p (BPS).

Cärrumark-Microwiki enlargement

This note is a Sample, and cannot be used in Cärrum.

King Sebastian I

King Sebastian I or his full title: King Sebastian I under the order of the Saxon Empire, Commander of the Saxon Army, Leader of the Cärrum Kommissmacht, Savour of the Old Forgatta Reich and Victor of the Crusade of the Eternal Purge was made King of Cärrum on the 06/08/2012 after a breif period of unstability with the previous nation, Sebastian is best known for begining the war: The Crusade of Eternal Purge and he has been subjected to awards aswell as criticism for his actions, in the eyes of many his decision for the crusade was a good one. He decided to make Cärrum when he met King Penda II of the Saxon Empire and together with the Saxon Empire the nation has flourished. The King was also the creator of the Crusade of the Eternal Purge and was the main participater of the War. The King enjoys many things from History to Micronationalism he also one day wishes to be a Politician in Germany. Sebastian was also made Commander of the Saxon Army on 06/08/2012. To learn more visit: King Sebastian I of Cärrum.

Medals and Awards King Sebastian I has recieved (In order from Oldest to newest.)

Carrum Carrumarms Victor of the Crusade of the Eternal Purge - Given by Cärrum to all who participated in the Crusade

Forgatta Forgatta Coat of Arms Savour of the Old Forgatta Reich - Given to all old Citizens of the Old Forgattan Riech by Forgatta

Saxonflag SaxonCOA Commander of the Saxon Empire's Army - Awarded to the Commander of the Saxon Empire's Army

Flag of St. Petersburg, Florida 175 Person of Good Deed - Awarded by the Republic of Hillsborough to People who have done good deeds, regardless of what micronation.

SierralischeMedaillederGermanischeVolk Sierra Flag Befehl der Sierralische Medaille der Germanische Volk - Given by the Great Republic of Sierra for doing a great thing for Germanic nations or Germanic people

Sierra Flag Verbündeter der Sierralische Land - Given allies of the Great Republic of Sierra

Flag of Grunkia Grunkian Medal of Honor - For achieving great things as a friend or in the name of the Grand Duchy of Grunkia.

Foreign Relations

Nations Cärrum percieves as friendly

These nations are states which Cärrum believes are friendly. This is an informal alliance of such as all formal alliances go to the Saxon Empire as well as Cärrum.

Westgermaniaflag West Germania (Saxon Empire)

Flag of Domanglian Kingdom Domanglia (Saxon Empire)

Molossia flag Republic of Molossia (Informal Relations)

Dalton-Arika flag +CoA Federal Republic of Dalton (Informal Relations)

Nations that have a treaty with Cärrum

Nations that have a treaty with Cärrum are nations that want peace and prosper between them and Cärrum. Having a treaty enables both nations to trade and have better diplomatic relations with Cärrum.

Saxonflag Saxon Empire (All states of)

Nations that Cärrum recognizes




New Europe

(To be added to this list please ask the Dept. of Foreign Relations: User:Fallschirmjäger)

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