Cable Transport of Vladislavia
Kabeliɩ Transport Vladislavielor
Flag of the KTV Logo of the KTV
Flag Logo
Country Vladislavian state flag Vladislavia
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Head of railway V. Chokin
Established 22.06.2017
Part of Commissariat of Infrastructure and Transport
(Rixdag of Vladislavia)
Lenght 0 km.
Rolling stock
Technical data
Type aerial lift + funicular
Gauge debatable
(1000 or 1435 mm.)

Cable Transport of Vladislavia - is the state company of Sfatul, which services building and expluatation of funiculairs, aerial lifts, cable trams and other kinds of transport.

It is prioritized direction of transport development in Vladislavia, as building of simplified lifters is not very hard.

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