Calcont is a micronation founded on February 13, 2015. It is located in Page County, VA.



Calcont has a humid subtropical climate. It has small valleys, a plateau, and hills. The vegetation is temperate deciduous forest. The natural resources are: timber, arable land, limestone, and clay.


Calcontian culture is vastly different from the US. Foods commonly eaten are: mushrooms, corn, cassava(yuca), and sausages to name a few. Also, the drinks in Calcont are: apple and grape juice. The colors of Calcont are red, pink, and green. Calcont's national animal is the bear, which is the king's spirit animal. The dress style is wearing a plaid, buttoned up shirt with khakis or jeans. Red is more common of a color to symbolize the country.


Calcont's government is an absolute monarchy, where the king makes the laws. It is right-leaning on the political spectrum. On January 22, 2017, the Law 913 was created for the purpose of collecting taxes. The 1st part says to pay 20% tax if not Christian every month by the 25th except for December. The second part says to pay a customs duty on alcohol and tobacco products at 50%. You can contact the king of Calcont by:


The Calcontian economy is in planning to mine limestone and provide housing. The total net worth of the Calcontian king is around $800. Like mentioned in the paragraph above, tax revenue will come as well. All debt in Calcont is by the private citizens and no debt for government.

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