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""California Front""

Freya in red, Wyhzette in blue.

Date: 28 September 2012 - ongoing
Outcome: Sucessful for Freya.
Wyhzette Flag
Flag freya
Wyhzette Flag
Paul Kang
Flag freya
Trace Fleeman

1 Paul Kang, 2 Dogs, Several Neighbors


None None

The California Front is a theater of war in the Ginger Revolution, it started on September 28, 2012 when Freya commenced theFreyan invasion of Wyhzette.

Paul Kang refuses to recognize the invasion until it is actually carried out. Neighbors of Paul Kang are to be informed shortly to stay on high alert for suspicious activity. Curfew in Wyhzette has become mandatory. Weapons training has been ramped up.

Should the invasion happen, Paul Kang says that he shall contact the local macronational police. "This is getting quite ridiculous," says Paul. "I'm tired of feeding a troll that has an infinite stomach."

Trace Fleeman, in reply to Paul Kang: "Idiotic. I have done nothing illegal macronationally, You are pushing somehimg that never happened - Us threatening to take the original Wyhzettean land. The invasion plan clearly stated that we wanted only to take the land we extended. We did a favor to Wyhzette, and you treated the Freyan peoples wih racism and hate. Our invasion was justified, legal macronationally and micronationally."

Paul Kang now understands what is going on. "Trace, I am truly sorry. However, I have given that territory back to the US. You are welcome to get it, but the neighbors and the local security I informed will be on alert." Paul will still continue inform Wyhzette-loyal neighbors of what is happeneing. In the meanwhile, Paul will allow this to be a neutral outcome, and patrol the streets near his house with a bicycle for any signs of Freyan occupance.