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Jacob Tierney

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New Scientopia

Callidusceptruism is a socio-economic theory and political ideology that promotes pure secularism, state monitored commercial and industrial centres and science-weighted government spending. It also promotes democracy in matters of law and in matters of governmental research, as well as leader selection. It enforces a Gift Economy, openly condemning unnecessary quid pro quo exchanges.

As an ideology, Callidusceptruism remains unattributed to any one group of political systems.

Politically, it applies a referendum policy on declarations of war and on major reforms, and so it wishes to involve everyone in decisions to prevent state biased decisions and to prevent unnecessary power being handed to individuals with private agendas. The only purpose to be served by the state is as a rudder for the ship, to keep it on roughly the course it originally set out upon.

Ideally, it encourages a minimalistic government, with leaders being only necessary in areas in which it is necessary to have a general overveiwer to maintain order.

After the inactivity of Scientopia, the New Kingdom of Southern California adopted certain tenents of Callidusceptruism, such as the idea of a secular state and the importance of scientific literacy.


While socialism is listed as a core principle, it has never been claimed that Callidusceptruism belongs in socialism. It is simply that several concepts from socialist schools of thought will be incorporated.