Calvaro Sentrale

"Go hard, or Go Home"
A region from The Republic of Vhiblei in a backyard in Auckland, New Zealand
Largest city Calvaro By
Official language(s) English, Norwegian
Official religion(s) Agnosticism
Demonym Calvarian
Government Republic
- President Whibley
- Vice President Calvert
Established 1st February 2013
Area claimed 1700sqm in a backyard
Population 2
Currency VBD (1 VBD = 0.25 NZD)
Time zone Auckland
National drink Orange Juice
National animal Tiger

The Calvaro Central (Calvaro Sentrale - NOR) '''Region is one of the three regions of The Republic of Vhiblei. Aside from the Empiregrad Region, which is the largest region in Vhiblei, Calvaro is the second largest region.



The name Calvaro refers to Vice President Calvert who serves as the founder of the entire Calvaro Sentrale region in Vhiblei.


The region consists of a current population of 2 (February 2013 estimate), 40% of the country's population. According to the 2013 census, the Calvaro Region contains 50 percent of New Zealand's European population and 50 percent of the Norwegian New Zealand population.

Towns and cities

The main and only city in the Calvaro Sentrale Region is Calvaro City, which is home to approximately 69% of the region's population. Towns include: Kamikaze, Halvmåne (Crescent - ENG), Grøft Bukt (Trench Cove - ENG) and Thames. Kamikaze is the main town, which currently owns the festival Kamikaze Festival.

Calvaro City - 69%

Kamikaze - 18% Halvmåne - 6% Grøft Bukt - 5% Thames - 2%

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