Kannabismaan lippu

"Long Live Cannabisland!"
Juokse sinä humma
Capital city Papafierdam
Largest city Parsarveld
Official language(s) Finnish, English, Russian
Official religion(s) Brocco-Paganism, Atheist
Demonym Cannabislandian / Canjian
Population 9
National sport Drinking Beer
National drink Finlandia Vodka
National animal Stegosaurus

Cannabislandian Empire (fin. Kannabismaan Keisarikunta) (ven. Конопляляндия Konoplyalyandiya) is independent micronation in Europe. Cannabisland was born in Instagram, but it had a 2 weeks long process before independence. Cannabisland is in 1 union, Brocco-Axis. Cannabisland was an autonomy in Broccoland, but it claimed independence in 11.5.2018. Before Cannabisland Papa Fieri created a country called Ilmaaria. Fieri was starting to make Ilmaaria great as Cannabisland but he made Cannabisland. Ilmaaria claimed independency in 12/6/2018.


Many people might think that history of Cannabisland started 2 weeks before independency, but it started a long time before.

Fieri as a child liked to draw flags and name countries. He even made a country for an anthill. In 2016 Fieri started to make a country called Ilmaaria. He was even writing a constitution law to his country. By the time Ilmaaria was more and more forgotten.

In 2018 Fieri got a nationality of Broccoland. First Fieri thought he was just gonna be a small part of the country. A normal RedBull drinking, anime watching citizen. But then Fieri was starting to think about his own country. Then he made a flag that was similar to Brocco-flag, but in the broccoli was a sativa leaf and the colour was orange. After Fieri introduced Cannabisland to his friends and Pierre in Instagram, Fieri and Pierre started to find a real good fuhrer to Cannabisland. Fieri wanted an independency to Cannabisland so much that he decided to be the leader of Cannabisland.

After about 2 weeks of gaining independence Cannabisland declared a war to normies (Canjian-Normie war, because Cannabisland wanted to protect memes and Kekistan. However it was a huge mistake of Cannabisland to declare war on normies. Cannabisland lost the war. About a 6 days after that YouTube banned a video from Fieri's YT channel. Fieri got mad from that and started another war (Canjian-YouTube war). After losing to 2 enemies Fieri stopped starting wars and decided that he will never start another war. After those wars Cannabisland and Broccoland started Brocco-Axis. There is three members in Brocco-Axis: Broccoland, Cannabisland and Aestonia. Future of Cannabisland looks really bad, because of EU's 13th article. Ilmaaria claimed independence in 26/6/2018

Name origin

Fieri named his country Cannabisland, because it was close to Broccoland.

Politics and tsar

Template:Infobox LeaderCannabisland has two parties (Communist-Party of Cannabisland (CPC) and Broccolist-Party of Cannabisland (BPC). Reason why Cannabisland has a communist party is a threat for communist revolution. If there wasn't a threat for communist revolution, communism would possibly be illegal in Cannabisland.

"Tsar" means emperor in Russian and the emperor of Cannabisland is Fieri.


Mostly same as Broccoland.


Heres some info of colonies in Cannabisland.Template:ColonyTemplate:Colony