Kingdom of Cantonia

Pxnw Kɑtov

(Rexum Kanton)
Cantonian Flag NationalCantonian CoA

"f Vika a Nklэa"
(f Nika a Ucleia - For Victory and Glory)
March of the Marshlands
Cantonia Map
Cantonia located in Grey
Capital city Vєmiɳtov
Largest city Kɑtξbnpu
Official language(s) Canton, English
Official religion(s) Atheist, Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic
Demonym Cantonine
Government Kingdom
- Heir Apparent Kopova Πpivkєπ Gpєgop Aπoλo
Crown Prince Gregor Apollo
- King Alxɑdξ I Ҕєlыc
Alexander I Helios
Established 3rd March 2013
Currency Ѫ Cantonian Crowns, £ British Pound Stirling, € EU Euro
Time zone GMT
National drink Coca Cola Cherry
/Cherry Coke
National animal Wyvern
Patron saint St Eadward II the Martyr, King of the English
Internet Domain .ct

Kɑtov (Cantonia), officially the Pxnw Kɑtov (Kingdom of Cantonia), is a Micronation in South East of England, UK. It is an Absoulte Monarchy, under its founder, Px Alxɑdξ I Ҕєlыc (King Alexander I Helios).


The English Name comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word "cant" for "a horizontal piece of land". "Cant" is also the old name for the Kingdom of Kent, which is the origin of the name.


Pre Cantonia


Kent was ruled by the native Britons centuries before the Roman Conquest.

Roman Empire - present

Then alot of other stuff happened that isn't really relevent.

Cantonian History

Cantonia was founded on the 3rd March 2013. The King had been studying the nature of  micronations for weeks on end, studying their secrets and duties as he scrolled through pages upon pages of micronations across three wikis. He decided that he himself would establish a micronation of his own, to distance himslef and his subject from the troubles that the European Union had placed upon the United Kingdom and to see his homeland suceed itself. Deciding upon not telling the British government of his apparent seperation, the British Parliament have yet to recognise this nation and continues to send troops into the Cantonian Kings Country, under the alias of letting them return to their homes in the Kings territory. On the 14th March 2012, the King was granted the title of Grand Steward of the Empire of Thrace. The possiblity of a combined commonwealth has remained unanswered to this day.


Government and Politics

The government has but one single party, known as the t Pxc Kєlєbɒ (the King's Party), as the micronation is a single party state, the King's word is law and final. Plans for other parties are not in talks at this time.

Law and Order

The government is built on a public meeting between the accused, a witness, a thrid party canidate, and the king as the judge. The third party will state the situation, the witness will state his side of the story, while the accused states his intension as either guilty, or try to prove his innocence.the King will then judge both sides fairly. If the accused is guilty, he will pay for his crime depending on the height of the crime. If innocent, the witness will pay a fine for lying in court, to the accused.

The King makes all decisions from his statly home in the Nations Capital.

Foreign Relations

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The King has an army of one man so far, and is thinking of introducing conscription to recruit more.

The King has his own private naval vessel, used for naval combant and private travel.


The Canton Language is unique in that all 85 letters are from several European Languages, such as English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Norse, Armenian, German, French and Welsh.

Because the computer systems of the world cannot recognise the official letters of Cantonia, several compromise letters have been introduced as substitutes.

Due to the threat of copyright, the King issued a simplified alphabet of 48 letter to be put into use instead.


1 Shard = 10 Crowns = 100 Pound Stirlings

1 Crown = 20 Rings = 10 Pound Stirlings

1 Ring = 50 Cloaks = 50 Pence

1 Cloaks = 100 Blades = 1/2 Pence

1 Blade = 1/200 Pence

Flag Gallery


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