Cantons of Horský Park

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Governance & Politics

Each Canton is headed by "Head of Canton" [Hlava Kantónu]. Head of Canton is elected by people of the canton in which he runs for office, but when he demises from his post Duke appoints new Head of Canton until new one is elected. Every Canton has a constitution that must match with the constitution of the Duchy of Horský Park while adding special laws for each Canton.

Horský Park is divided into 7 cantons :

  • Horský Park
  • Northern Horský Park
  • Northeastern Horský Park
  • Southwestern Horský Park
  • Eastern Horský Park
  • Southeastern Horský Park
  • Southern Horský Park
Flags of Cantons

Horský Park


Northern Horský Park


Northeastern Horský Park


Southwestern Horský Park


Eastern Horský Park


Southeastern Horský Park


Southern Horský Park

There are also parts of land which aren´t cantons :

  • Academic Grounds [Akademicé zeme] (Administered by Minister of Culture)
  • Government Grounds [Vládne zeme] (Administered by Prime Minister)
  • Unpartitioned Grounds [Nepridelené zeme] (Administered by Duke) 

    Duchy of Horský Park political map

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