Capitalburg is the man-made Utopian island that the Appalachian Commonwealth plans to build.

The Defensive Wall and City Gate

The defensive wall is a one foot thick wall made of solid concrete and steel. It is thick enough to withstand virtually any enemy bombardment. The City Gate is a one foot thick solid steel door in front of the entrance to the city. Virtually impregnable, the door has five locks and can withstand anything our enemy, who will remain unnamed, can throw at us.

The Undercity

Strictly speaking, the Undercity is classified. Wide speculation has lead to the confirmation of certain object from a classified source who has since been removed from office. They acknowledged that there is a water purifier, a small hydroponic farm, a fish farm, and several engines and generators capable of supplying a city much larger than Capitalburg, which has a planned residence of 500 people.

The Tramway

The Tramway is the planned public transportation system, based on the Republic of Egtavia's railroad project. It will run on a special track in between the two sides of the streets. It is widely rumored to be capable of a fifteen mile per hour speed on average, and a 25 passenger capacity.

The Roadway

The roadway is the streets of Capitalburg. Each street is paved with stamped concrete, and is surrounded, on the Tramway side, with hedges, providing both sound reduction and a bit of greenery to the island.