Capitalism is the current economic system of most macronations. It is stated that its main benefit is that companies (private money-making organizations) that compete to make the best product. This is intended to ensure that the customer recieves the best product for its price, and that the best quality products are produced, becoming more popular than other competitors which have worse ones, thus dissolving them. In this way, people are meant to be fair, for they get the quality they pay for, and more money is used to produce more goods, so that both parties benefit. Unfortunately, many have tried to and succeeded at exploiting the masses for their own benefit by taking the ability to produce certain things away from the people and charging more money. These owners of the companies and machines that run them, the 'bourgeoisie', have been criticized by many including communists, socialists, many anarchists, and trade union members.


Most citizens and many non-citizens of first-world nations have benefitted from capitalism. Private companies fueled the industrial revolution and forced the technological explosion as scientists began understanding the practical uses of scientific knowledge. This led into conflict between open information and patents, which were designed to help companies or people keep all of the money their product made. It has been responsible for all modern electronic devices, as well as the modern internet servers, and supplies the world with everything from silverware to houses. Many people have risen out of poverty by starting businesses, and have grown to sell their products around the world. Their customers have been satisfied while they and their co-workers got rich. It has built most modern buildings and has made the United States and the PRC superpowers. Micronationally, Vikesland has been able to afford large amounts of land originating from neighboring Canada, and has caused the Ohio Empire and Zonia to prosper.


Capitalism has been heavily criticized for its inequality and trend towards economic materialism and company worship. Communists argue that the ruling class, those who own the means of production, are oppressors and must be thrown out of power. Anarchists criticize any sort of authority, including those who control the supply of products, and therefore reject capitalism for the same reason communists and socialists do. Trade or labor unions have created strikes when dissatisfied with their employers, which cripple a company's productivity, until they reach a compromise. Many people do not like any proposed economic system, so they try to find a 'third way'.

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