Oblast of Carraig-Bolcán
Flag of Bolca

Capital None (Administered from Heimaey)
Founded July 27th 2014
Population 0
Area 8,442 sq ft (784.3 m2)

Oblast of Carraig-Bolcán is the smallest oblast and has been classed as a protectorate by the Vestmannaeyjar Government. Although it has no settlement or anybody living there, the Kommandant insists that it will not be stripped of its oblast status anytime soon and said "It has come to a large amount of attention due to fishing rights and the potential oil, we must keep our claim to make sure the islet is not destroyed by industry".


Although the islet is more commonly known as Rockall, the Westmen know it as Carraig-Bolcán, irish for "Volcano Rock" as "Rockall" is the eroded core of a extinct volcano.

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