Kingdom of Breizh
Castle of Cadalen

Kentoc'h mervel eget bezañ saotret
Da pacem domine
Capital city Castle of Cadalen
Official language(s) french and breton
Official religion(s) Judaism and Catharism
Demonym Templar
Government obligarchy
Legislature the templar order
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - no election
Established march 2010
Population 21
National animal wolf
Patron saint Saint Yves

  • history

The kingdom was created by the order of the temple in march 2010 to honor the temple of jerusalem the grand maitre(grand master) is a descendent of many of the kings of jerusalem.

  • politics

the king is a descendent of the king of jerusalem,he is advised by the templar order,the king himself is the leader of the order.

  • the flag

there are two flags for the kingdom,the grand masters flag is the kroaz the breton flag used during the crusades,the flag of the Castle is the order of the temple flag.

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