2014 Catan General Elections
May 24 - 26 2014
Political Party National Labour Liberal Democrats
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Daniel Carr Rt. Hon. A. Carr Rt. Hon. Joshua Sykes
Popular Vote (%) 18.75% 62.50% 18.75%

The Catan General Elections of 2014 were scheduled to take place on May 26th. All parties who were partaking heavily influenced the elections.

The current National party of Catan who were the last party to partake in Catan Parliament. Who are not heavily favoured to win, with members of the Royal Family stating that the King may not invite the Rt. Hon. Daniel Carr to form another government.

Furthermore the Labour Party annihilated the Elections winning by 43.75%, making the Rt. Hon. Aidan Carr able to form a solo government.

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