Catopia, is a country founded on July 2, 2014 in Lebanon IN.


The Origins of Catopia is from the idea of the Cat and why no one ever glorifiess the cat. So Gamercat32 decided to start a micronation named Catopia. The origins of the name are simple, Cats.


The short yet to be long history of this micronation is that its a fun country full of games and culture, Read more in Culture...

Government & Politics

The goverment composes of 1 man and 1 man only, Gamercat32. He is Prime Minister of Catopia and runs his operations from his computer.

Law & Order

The law & order of this micronation is that 1 shall not go without games, police are still in progress.

Foreign Relations

Our allies are America, The Republic of Cheesistan, and Great Britain.


The Millitary Corp consist of these three branches.

Survey Corps, Catopian Navy, and Rogue Squadron Air Force


The Symbol for Catopian Armys.

Geography & Climate

See Lebanon IN Weather...


Composes of US Dollar System (Im not very creative).



National Anthem:

National Saying: "Two Swords we hold in hands as we fight on in the skies above."


Nothing to say here...

See also

Nothing Here either...

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